So Misbun Sidek has been offered a new deal by BAM and it awaits the decision of the former coach of Lee Chong Wei.

Now what about Misbun’s contract with the NSC?

A little bird says that Misbun had two contracts, 15k each from NSC and BAM.

The NSC DG has been very vocal about Misbun and one wonders if the contract with NSC is an automatic renewal as he is silent on that issue.

Since it’s public funds, and as reveal by Haresh Deol that millions came from sin tax funding via Sports Toto, which is haram to many, let’s have some clear picture if NSC has renewed their contract with Misbun.

As for Misbun coaching his son and getting paid for it now, why not offer the same deal to Zulkifli, the father of Zulfadli.

Why the double standards BAM?