Who cares about truth and honesty? No one

Talk is easy they say, well some even go to the extent talk is cheap.

The more sinister remark is talking cock.

The newly elected President of SRAM, as reported in the media today had remarked one of his priorities was to bring in corporate sponsors into the fold of SRAM.

Good vision but one question though – where were the corporate sponsors when you headed the Sponsorship Committee of SRAM?

And yes before it slips my mind, where is any sponsorship for the Olympic Council of Malaysia where you are a member?

Frankly the manner in which the OCM marketing and sponsorship committee operates is baffling.

Over the past three years it has parted ways with at least eight sponsors and is currently left with four.

Why is this so?

Because the committee feels that they can get more money from other sponsors and hence did not renew contracts with the sponsors.

Have they not heard of the phrase “ a bird in hand is worth two in the bush”.

But these people think they are marketing gurus and know better how to source for funds.

A simple question to them – what do you have to market in the first place?

Now back to Nik Razeen’s defeat by a single vote.

There is not an iota of a doubt that the hidden hands of two individuals right up to an hour before the elections played a vital role that caused SRAM to lose a straight talking individual.

Nik Razeen is at fault as he often voices out things at OCM council meetings.

He needed to be shut up and what better way then to remove him from SRAM.

However when two does gang up to remove a common enemy , karma often plays the role of the hidden hand in future.

Just look at the scenario in Malaysian Athletics Federation where the deputy went against his mentor.

Many more will fall like Nik Razeen did in the months to come.

Vengeance is part of the Malaysian Sports culture.

Look at the Podium Task Force itself, a strength and conditioning coach was transferred 24 hours for no reason and likely because his senior officer was a member of the Task Force who was vocal in hearings.

One cannot therefore deny that those on Jalil Hill played the clandestine role to oust Nik Razeen due to him pursuing relentlessly for the truth regarding Podium.

There are obvious leaks in the Task Force.

It is said that the Youth and Sports Minister Dato Seri Reezal Merican Naina Merican will receive the final copy of the Task Firve Report on September 15, a day before Malaysia Day.

You want to know what I think will happen?

Precisely nothing as some officers close to the Minister have already done damage control and most of the findings will be swept under the carpet.

These little napoleons are the bane of Malaysian Sports and fixing what’s broken is not important to them , the phrase “ jaga hati” is more important so there can be no sensationalism.

So trust me, nothing will change, just a simple rap on the knuckles and then we go to GE15 as if nothing happened when in reality sports in this country gets raped repeatedly.

Turning a blind eye is the norm for those who sit in powerful positions.

Nevermind that money is spent on frivolous things, all that matters is their names is under bright neon lights that often blind others from even reading the truth.

We pay individuals through our asses as sadly we have used our asses to do the thinking for us as well.