Who let Israel to play in 1997?

There is much fuss being made of the supposedly Israel participation in a Paralympic Olympic Qualifiers to be held in Kuching.

Politicians from both divides have stepped forward to state their objection and slam Israel . So comment n is the stand that Malaysia does not have diplomatic ties with Israel.

Well agreed and true but it will be worthwhile for all, especially the President of the Malaysia Canoe Association who overstepped his boundary seeking the resignation of OCM Secretary General Dato Nazifuddin who merely stated the IOC Charter when it came to participation in sports.

And Sports Minister Syed Saddiq as usual jumps on the popularity bandwagon by issuing strongly worded statements on this issue, as if he is championing a just cause.

But Sadiq, can you please look back into history as in 1997 the Israel Cricket team participated in the ICC Trophy in Kuala Lumpur.

And who was the Prime Minister then?

Above is the standings from Wikipedia that clearly shows Israel played here.

Now please tell us we never allowed Israel to play sports here

And please remind our Prime Minister of this fact as if I remember correctly we had the same person at the helm.

Let us be consistent.

We lost out the FIFA Congress hosting rights, so there must be a policy in place not to allow any bidding of events with Israel participation.

So who gave the approval for them to bid for the event in the first place?

Was it not KBS as the regulations call for approval from the Sports Ministry before a bid is placed and not from OCM.

I wonder who should be resigning instead!