Why “ fear” independent players?

I often wonder if independent athletes are not considered try blue Malaysians.

There have been many instances when Athletes who opt to break away from the system are shunned, be it by their National spirts bodies, National Sports Council and National Sports Institute.

Having gone through such a sordid episode when KLRC players Gan Teik Chai/Tan Bin Shen we’re denied by BAM a chance to play in the World Championships, one would expect common sense to prevail.

But tines May have changed, in terms of years, but the attitude remains the same.

Selfish, egoistic, scared of own shadows, this is how one suns up the stand taken by BAM to deny independent players a chance to train/spar together with the national set up.

Why the fear? I call it such as it’s nothing to do with money or tactics.

It boils down to a fear, that these independent players might make it to Tokyo at the expense of those in the BAM stable.

Look at it any way you want, but the reality is BAM fears failure.

So if my players cannot make it, then why should you independent players make the cut, obviously at the expense of BAM players.

The sparing sessions are beneficial to both parties, the youngsters in the BAM stable get to have quality sessions while the exiled players get to give back to the game and keep alive their flickering hopes of making the grade.

As a Malaysian, and I am certain many will agree, having 10 players at the Tokyo Olympics will be a boost to our chances.

When they compete, it will be under one flag, even traditional foes North and South Korea are fielding joint teams.

So why deprive our very own, players who have over the years served unselfishly for the glory of the nation?

Why have this divide when already the nation is struggling with racial divide caused by politicians?

Why not be inclusive instead of trying to be exclusive without any guarantee that results are forthcoming?

Why this kolaveti dei?

Sit together, open the doors of the BAM Academy for these elder statesmen of Malaysian Badminton to ignite the flame towards Tokyo.

After all the BAM centre was built using tax payers money and maintained by tax payers money,

Put aside ego, pride and regulations as one had said , these are not cast in stone,

Be a sport BAM, show that you actually care for the sport as a whole.

Yes they are independent players, but they too seek assistance, not monetary but sparring sessions.

Or we rather continue to lose our good players and coaches to other countries?

Yes this might irk those in the seats of power, but as a Malaysian, this is from the heart.

Show us that you have a heart too BAM.