“It was a decision I had to make given that I believe we must not only talk of being professional but act in a professional manner. And given the present circumstances, I was left with little choice but to send in my letter of resignation.

At this juncture it is not important to find fault or point fingers. A decision has been made by me with regards to my coaching tenure and I hope that all respect what I have done.

In coaching a team, we have to adhere to collective responsibility. As a coach I can only do so much and the execution is done by the players. Given the situation in Negri, we did not have the best of preparation and there were a lot of changes initiated. Whether it was for the good or bad of the team, only certain quarters have the answer.

Life goes on as far as I am concerned as football is my bread and butter. So at the moment I will stay put and sort out family matters.

I am open to offers and would like to get back to coaching soon. I suppose these are the hazards of being a coach, when you win you get the accolades but when you do not do well then all the fingers point at you. There is no such thing as contributing factors as the bucks stops here. And in this case I am man enough to take responsibility.