Why is sports not allowed back when others are?

Disclaimer; My eyesight is failing so excuse the spelling errors , read at your own risk

The time has come for the Youth and Sports Ministry to push for a return for sports.

Granted that the National Security Council has given several leeway’s for the gradual return of sports, the very fact that other industries have now opened up, perhaps its time for Minister Dato Seri Reezal Merican Naina Merican to push his case for sports.

The NSC on its website has provided the Standard Operating Procedure for public transportation, cinemas, public functions and religious places of worship.

What is interesting in these SOP is that it sends a wrong signal.

For instance a function in a hall is limited to 250 persons with social distancing of 1 meter in lace.

And for cinemas it is the sane, with social distancing.

However for public transport there is an advise on not close interaction but no hard and fast rule on social distancing.

Public transport can operate in 100 per cent capacity it states.

Now let’s take for instance a Hockey or rugby match ( as I am for bided to mention the other team sport since it’s owned by some i was told).

What is wrong for a team sport to be played really?

Why can’t a 20,000 seater stadium allow say 5.000 spectators in or even a certain addition of stadium to be filled with social distancing in place?

Why can’t team sports start training like a team instead of the regulations currently in place.

The difference between going to a cinema and playing team sports is really not much.

At least in team sports we know the person whom we are playing with.

The mantra “ contact tracing” is easier to implement in team sport then say going to watch a movie should there by an infection case!

In sports the MySejahtera application usage too could be made compulsory

So here goes the suggestion for team sports to return, no need to rush into it though.

Firstly sent August 1 as a return for competitions subject yo the following regulations adhered too first.

1. Full training starts July 1 with the standard SOP in place like temperature screening and registration.

2. No spectators allowed for training sessions without registration, screening and face masks.

3. Kids below 15 ( not 12) not to be allowed yet for any sports activities.

Now if this is successfully carried out for a period of one month, with no active cases detected, then Competitions ought to be allowed to return, even to the extent of Emory stadiums for the next two months at least.

Now please note these are suggestions for the domestic sports scene and not for international sports where our borders remain closed and that’s another proposition all together.

And rather then let those National Sports Council of National Sports Institute guys cone out with SOP ( maybe they are still in it for months) why not DS Reezal appoint a working group amongst key stakeholders holders to study this and improvise so that we can finally have something to kick and shout about!