Will NSC allow a forensic audit to prove they utilises NFDP money correctly?

What’s going on with the National Football Development Pro-ran?

Is the Youth and Sports Minister being told the truth?

Why is there a campaign by a cartel to prevent former Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamakuddin from joining the Sheeting Committee?

Or is KJ has given up that idea completely as no meeting of the Steering Committee was held so far this year?

Does the steering committee even exist as all decisions are by the NSC DG?

A year ago there was furore by both the National Sports Council and Football Association of Malaysia when graduates from the previous year were snapped up up and signed for free by teams.

Hell broke law with claims of layer pinching and suddenly there was a consensus by both parties to impose a fee of RM200,000 per player to recoup the money invested on these players.

NSC was to redraft the contract and include this fee into the contract.

Suddenly down the line they realised they are not player agents and this could not work.

A year on this provably was not done as some 22 players out of the current batch of 46 graduates have signed for clubs, state , and yet again fir free!

The entire management structure of the NFDP is a joke. Why try to invoke a clause when in reality they do not have jurisdiction.

At RM200,000 per player , the loss is RM4.4 million , and who is responsible?

And the fact someone from FAM and BSC needs to be accountable.

This is net revenue loss to the tax payers and nothing will be done.

Why not let MFL sign the contracts as they are a business entity that could be agents?

Never thought of it? That means those running NFDP do not know football and must vacate their positions.

As usual it will be a cover up as always done as those running NSV are never held accountable.

The Sports Minister need not seek a clarification as it will be total bullshit provider.

All DS Reezal n Ed’s to do is read the archives of newspapers and the truth will be there to see.

And this was further enhanced as a senior NSC officer told an NSA that their Director General “ sudah kowtim” with the Minister.

So now the NSC DG is the untouchable.

So the so called agreement means that they share a cordial relationship? Was there a strain between the two prior to this statement being made?

Is this why the highly anticipated Task Force report on the Podium Program is left to collect dust at the Ministers Office?

Suddenly the Minister has lost the zest in his own words on “ penambah baik” the Podium Program where an audit report clearly proves abuse !

However it’s rather like warm as NSA grow in the dark as the NSC continue to control them with funding as their main ave card .

Back to this revival of the Harimau Muda I

It’s going to be officially launched at the FUTSAL Court in FAM Thursday evening.

Its an old idea that was first mooted in June this year.

FAM wanted more say in the AMD and a method was derived to start forming teams from AMD, fully funded by NFDP to play in competitions such as the Premier League, M3 League Presidents and Youth Cups.

It was the sea from NSC but to the contrary that will be said tomorrow to kill two birds, one the incompetence of NSC to manage the free movement of players and the other to throw peanuts to appease FAM who do not even realise getting 1-2 million is peanuts to the RM30 million NSC pockets annually.

So NSC hijacked that idea and presented it as their own with FAM nodding a huge YES as a certain personality was against this idea and FAM did not want to make war.

So willingly FAM played to the tune of dancing with the wolves.

So a carefully crafted meeting was held with NSC taking the lead at Wisma FAM.

The almighty NSC brought to their feet?

And NSC will probably play the lead role.

This I will deem as “ penambah burukan” the sports in the country.

What is more concerning that no details have been revealed on the mechanism with regards to RM55 million accolades under the 2021 budget.

There has been talk that an officer at KBS and the NSC Director General have made approaches to certain sports to indicate that the monies will be channeled through selected clubs

This is a clear sign to usurp the powers of the national sports associations,

And that’s the only thing NSC does well.

The last word on NFDP – nothing will be transparent as FAM is now fait accompli in this sordid mis use of tax payers funding.

Who cares?