Will States Be Able To Handle Development?

Although the newly installed president of the Football Association of Malaysia TMJ has said things will be different under his watch, a look into what transpired in the past should serve as a good indicator that things will not be easy, not when it comes to dealing with state affiliates.
Two major remarks he made will need the complete participation of the affiliates and this is where he could end up frustrated.

In his firsts press conference TMJ had spoken about how he wanted the state affiliates to take over the running of the NFDP.

For the record, the NFDP currently consists of 46 Akademi Tunas (7-12 years old) 62 Pusat Latifah Daerah 13-17 yrs old)14 Sekolah Sukan Negeri (13-17 yrs old)1 AMD, Gambang.

There are a total of 22,575 trainees – 22,575 players and 1025 (full time and part time) coaches or Trainers.

When the FAM used to provide grants to states to run their academies, many closed down as the money from the academies was channelled to the senior teams, with some states even involved in mismanagement of funds.

It was since 2005 that the states started neglecting development and the state of Football today is as a result of their failure to produce talented youngsters.

Ironically on the eve of the 3 rd anniversary of the NFDP which falls on April 10, there are now moves to revert to a formula that was tried, tested and failed.

NFDP Chief Executive Officer Safirul Abu Bakar however preferred to look at the bigger picture instead of worrying about the potential take over by FAM.

” This development is good and consistent with what we’ve been preaching , that state should take ownership of development, said Safirul.

” This was proven effective and one can see the result on how we married with KFA/ADAB as the structure proved workable.

” We hope to be given the opportunity to brief TMJ and give him an insight of the program and what challenges faced at ground level.

” Our aim and hope is to make it better and with the support of TMJ things can work well at state level.”

However while NFDP seems to be open to this idea, how effective the management will be at state level will surely be a point of concern given what had been a poor record with regards of development by states.

The other idea that TMJ made was regards allowing fans to have a say in the election process of FAM,

This will require a consensus from the state affiliates to change the FAM Constitution.

One needs to take a look back to the proposal in 2006 to amend the FAM constitution to allow all the clubs to form a National Association of Clubs, comprising of all clubs in the Super and Premier Leagues.

This National Association of Clubs would then be admitted as an affiliate of FAM therefore allowing clubs to have a platform to be part of the decision making process.

However the states just refused to budge as this will mean they lose their territorial control and the proposal had to be shelved.

And then there is also the contravention with regards to the FIFA Abd AFC Statutes that FAM could run foul of if it goes ahead with the amendments.

It’s only day one of a long four year term for the new office bearers of FAM, so let’s wait and see.

Maybe one will suggest to sue me for this article, take a number, join the Q.