Will the FAM Exco Quit?

Now that Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim has made it crystal clear not once but repeatedly that he is not interested in assuming the Presidency, the search is on for a reputable person who will have a Herculean task to bring Malaysian Football forward.
In leading a national body such as FAM, the personality corn earned must not only be able to handle issues from within the footballing body but outside as well and have the tact to be able to be firm yet knowledgable in sports, not necessarily Football one could say,
Many had raised eyebrows when this blog had revealed last night that the FAM was going to vacate their positions and call for an early elections, as a solution to the impasse with regards to Malaysian Football.
The decision is expected to be taken at the FAM Exco Meeting and this is one of the suggestions or formula put forward by Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin.
One also wonders why the Sports Minister did not offer this formula as a solution to the issues affecting Lawn Tennis Association Malaysia, Malaysian Archery Federation and other associations that face a crisis? Will this now be the yardstick or precedent to resolve issues in sports? Let’s leave that argument for a different day.
Back to the FAM presidency and the suggestion that it should be someone who has no state affiliation. But wait a minute as the FAM Constitution stipulates that a candidate must be involved in Football. And nominations actually can only come through the states. So this suggestion can only be implemented with an amendment of the FAM Constitution. Highly unlikely the states will give up their vetting rights!
Next the position of the Exco members come into question,
If they all are stepping down as revealed, then they should not seek re-election into the seats they occupy in the present Exco, meaning a Deputy should either go for the vacant Presidency or leave altogether. But if the term is collective responsibility or solidarity with the outgoing President, then they should not be be in the new Executive Board, period.
As for Tunku Ismail taking charge as the Congress Head of FMLLP , this can only be decided by the representatives of the 24 teams and FAM. It’s the ballot box that decides this and not the Sports Minister.
With regards to the Exco meeting on August 15, they need to come up with a timeline to implement the proposals put forward and not delay matters.
The question of changing the national coach also needs to be discussed properly as getting a foreign coach some 90 days before the AFF Cup is a big gamble.
But the Exco will have to make decisions, something they have not done since their captain had abandoned ship last year.
Dare they make any changes or this is just another case of empty vessels making the noise!