Winning Mentality? Were we losing all this while!

There is a misconception or total lack of understanding of the culture, history and process of sports in Malaysia by the so-called expert legion who believe that they are here to colonise sports in the country.

Winning Mentality – Malaysia’s Strategic Plan for Building a High-Performance Sporting Nation 2017-2028 is a compilation of various theories, ideas, plans, insights into how to develop sports in this country to achieve higher level.

This paper was prepared by Keith Power, and his charges, the same group of personalities empowered by the high command to ensure Malaysia’s first Olympic Gold Medal in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

A glacé through the booklet will send shivers down your spine as it shatters the myth that Malaysia had been in the correct path of sporting excellence all that s while.

Never mind the fact that we have achieved success at various world levels, this proposal pours cold water on all our past achievements and the title of it ” Winning Mentality” .

Has Malaysia, even since its independence in 1967, been practicing or preaching losing mentality?

This very fact is an insult to sports Administrators such as Dato Wira Mazlan Ahmad, Noh Abdullah and the late Dato Ho Koh Chye, personalities who I know charted our sports fortunes over the past 4 decades.

One interesting factor in the booklet is the fact that it is stated that we are to emerge as Champions or the 2017 SEA Games but conspicuously missing is a target for the 2019 SEA Games. So will our sports be lost at sea?

Then there is another ambiguity, that we will emerge amongst the top 10 medal winning countries in the 2018 Commonwealth and Asian Games .

Anyone with knowledge in sports will be well aware of the fact that we have achieved both these milestones since our success in the 1998 Commonwealth Games, so what’s the big deal about achieving this in the first place?

Moving on there were several other glaring intrusions by Keith into matters that do not concern him such as governance, leadership, facilities.

Has he ever stepped out of the comfort zone and travelled along the Rejang River to see the future ” Rinongds” doing free fall dives?

Has he ever tried to understand what the Sports Development Act 1997 is all about?

Has he seen that our ” Padang” such as Malacca Club, NS Padang, Teruntum Gelang and Ipoh has been virtually destroyed in the name of development?

Keith should read the 1996 Langkawi Resolutions for Sports, the 1997 sports facilities study by a German consultant, the blueprint of the 1998 Jaya Program, the core sports program introduced in 2004 and the original podium plan of 2004 before coming up with what I deem as just a copy and paste document that promises everything but will not deliver.

One vital thing that Keith and his team touched on is talent identification – something we focussed on since 2001 but failed to make much headway as different Sports Ministers want instant success and their own legacies hence destroying the fundamental priority – that sports confines to prosper.

Keith – your job is simple, win us the first gold medal in 2020.

So not for once lay claim on the 2016 success as this was a culmination of the four year program that was started after the 2012 London Olympics,

If there is one that should be credited then it ought to be Dato Seri Zolkples Embong and Dato Dr. Ramlan Abdul Aziz and their staff, not some highly paid foreigners who warm the seats and lick the icing on the cake.

I dare say I have 33 years of sports knowledge and experience as so far as sports in the country is concerned so I dare say I know better then what has been put together in a booklet that has mostly colourful images and charts.

Why are we Malaysians so gullible that we tend to take it as gospel truth what some ” mat Salleh’s” tell him with impressive presentations and colourful charts?

Is it because they have the gift of the gap?

Or is it because we believe that they are far superior then us?

I have come across hundreds of local sports experts that can come up with such plans as presented by Keith and company,

But locals never get the opportunity to see through their ideas, visions and plans as we have taken the path of the ” Indian crabs”

I will go through each chapter of the winning mentality and share it with readers over the next two weeks, health permitting.

Only after that readers should decide are we going to be colonised once again!