Yakeb – a revamp necessary

There is great deal of debate going on with regards to the Yayasan Kebbajikan Atlit ( Yakeb) of late.

There is no denying that this body, set up in 2007, has helped many ex Athletes lead a better life in terms of medical assistance in their later years of life.

But why is it that Yakeb is constantly in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Firstly let’s look at the vacant chairmanship of the body.

From 2007 till last year, three former athletes helmed the body, Dato Mumtaz Jaafar, Dato Malik Noor and Azlan Iskandar with the KSU Dato Jamil playing the interim role of chairman in two occasions.

Most of the board members comprised of civil servants with an odd one or two from national bodies.

No disrespect to the businessman who wants to be chairman , but rightfully this body should and ought to be helped by ex national Athletes, no one else.

We have in our midst so many ex national athletes who have fine well in life after sport and they have succeeded in life as well.

So why not give them the opportunity to put right a body that was set up to look into the needs of the Athletes.

One name that comes to mind is Anthony Lee, the son of late Tan Sri Alex Lee, an individual who has the ability to look into the insurance needs of athletes.

Then we have several successful sports personalities that are doing well in business such as M. Kumaresan, Dato Ow Soon Kooi, Dato Jack Koh, Dato Soh Chin Aun, Dato Jamal Nasir and many more.

There are various methods that can be thought of to make Yakeb self reliant such as giving one social welfare draw with proceeds going towards the fund. Or like making it compulsory for a percentage of the Shakam incentive scheme yearly to be channeled to the fund as a CSR program by current Athletes towards the well being of former athletes.

Yakeb cannot be just depending on funds from the Federal Government only and must also try to work a scheme with the Socso where athletes who are full time sports income earners pay a monthly contribution towards Socso so that it can be helpful to them later on,

The ex Athletes too must not just be content with receiving aid but also step forward to help Yakeb formulate ideas and events to generate money for the fund.

Yakeb needs to be revamped and at the same time stop trying to seek cheap publicity especially when those in need are suffering,

It is heartless going to hospitals and houses with a posse of journalists in tow to get pictures and videos published by handing over assistance when that is what they are supposed to do in the first place

Self praise is no praise, hence do a media release on a monthly basis on jusf how many athletes they have helped,

And operational costs must be cut to the minimum as most of the income derived ought to go towards the well being of the former athletes.