After being away for the most of February, it was the Malaysian Open Tennis Tournament that I headed for at the Bukit Kiara Equestrian & Country Club.

And one of the Journalists informed me about what the Sports Minister had remarked during his visit on Sunday, something to this effect, ” Where is Satwant? He has not been fair to me.”

Mr. Minister, I was away in London, hence I was unable to be there. Anyway I had given you ample time to respond to my earlier posting about your Everton trip.

Well I did my own checking while in London, not Everton sorry, but other options with regards to development programs as well as opportunites for our players who can be attached to clubs, once again I must clarify not Premier League but lower divisions.

And it was interesting to say the least Sir.

I even have a Malaysian who is willing to help you achieve your dream to have our team train in England and towards that he is willing to help invest into a British club Sir.

If I have been unfair to you Sir, then why not you have an eyeball to eyeball meeting.

I will be at the tennis tournament Thursday and Friday and feel free to get in touch with Dato Razak Latif of LTAM, Melvin of Carbon Media. I would have suggested Dato Zolkples, but he is too busy Sir to even reply my calls of late.

Thank you Sir and always remember that it is the interest of Malaysian Sports that I have in mind and soul.