You are a disgrace, to the institution and society

When fools get positions, the power goes to their heads, they forget they are there to serve, and mostly their arrogance is to such levels that one can only pity their parents fro bringing into this world a child that is considered a menace to humankind.

So now let’s explore the world of a fool or two.

Is there a bomb threat against the Sant Sohan Singh Ju Basri ( annual Prayers) in Malacca?

Though the Malacca Sikh Temple Committee ( as they are known and I always wonder why they use Temple and Gurudwara) sent out a circular that went viral via Whatsapp on May 18, they clearly denied receiving any such threats.

However some of those who hold positions were soon singing a different tune Sunday after making decisions that will cause more hardship to worshippers and in the process trying to impose conditions that are mind boggling to say the least. This they clearly stated in my conversations ( if you would call it) that there was a threat received on a possible mayhem to be created.

Imagine what started out as a simple request – that parking places be reserved for those who are genuinely handicapped, in possession of a certified OKU card, ended up seeing the side gate being sealed, all in the cause of a “ threat” that this had denied some 24 hours earlier.

An exchange by several senior statesmen with the a so called senior officer bearer ( whom I shall not name as he like those who unleash carnage) do not deserve to be identified by name but rather as subject., blew up when he said that the rationale of shutting the gate was due to the fact that anyone could walk in with a bomb and cause mayhem, leading up to 200 odd deaths and who will be responsible.

Coming from someone who was part of the decision making process but had no scrotal gumption to lodge a police report on his own but expected a lady to do it, talk about manhood.

I then butted in and asked isn’t the risk higher at the two front gates and what precautions were in store to prevent a so called bomber from bribing in a device through either of the front gates.

Instead of answering the question, he shouted abuses , profanities against me for asking that pertinent question, oblivious to the fact that he was talking to someone who had handled Football matches that had more rowdy crowds ranging from 30-80,000.

His reaction spike lowly of his mental ability to handle situations and speaks volumes of his leadership ability. Still it’s those who voted people like him that should bear responsibility as they were oblivious to the fact they had actually voted in a person unworthy of holding such a position.

Perhaps it was a case of voting based on hatred to the other party, rather then winning on his ability to manage and govern.

The profanities he used against me and my late mum and his threat of criminal intimidation against me will soon be dealt with through the proper channels, with the respective law enforcement agencies. And mind you there is karma and I pray for the best for his parents though.

The rationale of the committee to be more aware in security is laudable but at the same time making decisions as if they work for MI5 or Mossad and are experts on how to overcome a bomb threat is mind boggling.

Instead of trying to reason with constructive arguments or rational thinking, this foul mouthed individual that lacked basic manners, opts for confrontation and insults, obviously thinking that by raising his voice., shouting, throwing a cup of water, made him more manly and responsible, not realising that he was picking a fight with an invalid and not only will I not forgive him but even God will never forgive him.

How on earth was this wolf in sheep clothing put into such a respectable position is dumbfounding, for I would never keep him as my Gardner ( no disrespect to Gardner’s as it’s a bible positions but even plants will die with such foul stench from his mouth).

It was barely 45 minutes prior to this flare up that I was requested by a Friend , a hardworking, honest, diligent sewadar Malkit Singh to help raise some RM14,000 to provide a LED screen for the comfort of the worshippers as there was limited space within the main prayer hall.

This was something vital for worshippers to follow the proceedings but RM14,000 was not within the ability of this foul mouth person to raise, leaving the responsibility to Malkit who is a true servant to religious causes.

And by the time I was freely , openly insulted by this barking animal ( I could not care less if the insults were solely directed at me, but when he insulted my late mum. I then knew I was dealing with an uncouth, rude, obnoxious individual who has no place to be in society let alone being ra responsible person in the leadership ) I had managed to get a commitment of RM11,500 to be sent to Sewadar Malkit Singh. However in wake of a non issuance of apology for insulting my late Mum, I have now put this donation drive on hold, not as an act of vengeance but to deny this prick any pleasure whatsoever by taking credit when it was damage he did.

The icing on the cake was when another top justified the behaviour of his fellow member by stating that even a lady on a wheelchair could bring in a 20Ibs explosive devise if allowed into the side gate.

I suppose some think like terrorists as they feel that only the side gate will be used.

What about a car bomb, a motorbike bomb, just outside the Gurudwara where debitees shop, at stall where these people have collected rental?

Is that also not your are of responsibility,

So the moral of the story for CIA, Mossad. MI5 and the rest of the worlds intelligence is this – terrorists never walk through your front gates. They will look for sure gates where damage will be minimal.

The best argument put forward was that the side gate will not entirely be closed but access allowed for certain officials. So now it becomes a privileged entry point and parking area?

We are supposed to be equals in the eyes of the almighty, but some feel that based on positions they gain, they are now the lords, the decision makers, the untouchables.

And if you are a handicap, Old, invalid. do not bother making the trip to Melaka as you are not welcomed. This is the message clearly sent out as these two individuals feel they will never ever be in such situations – hope Karma will take note of these God’s gift to mankind.

Do I proceed with raising funds for the LED screen when these two individuals will end up doing chest thumping when its up and there are kudos from the devotees.

Oh yes, by the way, if you do not understand English that was written here, I will gladly pay for your tutu on classes and throw in civics in it as well as you surely need it.

Go look at yourself in the mirror. For you are nothing but an ugly person, inside out.