It seems that the person who ends every argument with a now famous catch phrase ” in the interest of the nation ” has passed a remark that the Badminton Association of Malaysia cannot work with KLRC as he cannot deal with me.

It shows that a national body has no class and tries lay the blame on everyone else except an incompetent personality.

That goes on to prove that all this interest of the nation clarion call that hebis so famous for is a load of bull as this person just cannot accept the fact that he is a person unable to be fair and has vested interest instead of thinking
for the betterment of the sport.

It was evident from the time he blundered in naming a different pair to the one that qualified on merit that he will not be bigger then the sport and admit the mistake.

So much so that he even dragged his association through the ignominy of going through mediation and even there he would not admit defeat.

And in the end BAM has ended up paying for tournaments for the pair and if that’s not an admission of guilt then by what name does one call it – perhaps interest of the nation.

This personality is now defying the calls of experts as well as the fans and even the NSC Director General in allowing World and Asian Junior Champion Zulfadli Zulkifli from being included into the training squad for the Thomas Cup finals in Wuhan this May.

So much so that he even told the media that Zulfadli will be considered to the squad should he join the BAM.

Taking the credit away from KLRC is what it’s all about. It’s obvious your programs have failed, so much so you had no confidence in the squad at the Thomas Cup Qualifiers.

Tell you what, I will quit KLRC if you quit BAM. Until then you are not within my pay bracket so go pass snide remarks all you want for that shows your ability to make sane decisions in the interest of the nation.