2020: I too have a dream. Okay maybe 10.

“I Have a Dream” is a public speech that was delivered by American civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. during the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom on August 28, 1963, in which he called for civil and economic rights and an end to racism in the United States.

It proved to be a landmark statement.

I too have a dream as dawn breaks out on the morning of a new decade 2020.

And while I know most of my dream may remain a dream, that still does not stop us from dreaming.

My dream is:

1. That those administrations of sports in the country do a honest days work, without thinking of self gains and rewards, serving unselfishly towards the betterment of the civil society.

2. That one person holds just one position in one sport and we do away with the self installed “ supermen” of Malaysian Sports.

3. That all Football players receive their outstanding wages and teams that fail to do so are removed from the M-League or relegated.

4. That in line with “ selling” footballers from the NFDP, the NSC also starts selling players from its “ Pelapis” program as it’s the same justification.

5. That the desire to so call “ professionalise Malaysian sports is not a hog was to install cronies but truly qualified individuals.

6. That the members of the Boards of NSC. ISN, Stadium Board , OCM are no longer political appointees but are elected into positions instead of being appointed.

7. That the current NSC Director General who is on a “ yellow card” steps down should we fail to win any gold medal at the 2020 Olympics.

8. That there is actually accountability and taking responsibility for failures in sports rather then making U turns or excuses to cling on to power:

9. That the OCM stops wasting money to satisfy its egos and move towards enhancing sports in the country with a renewed vision.

10. That the Sports Minister finally wakes up from his slumber and meets all the National Sports Associations, revamps the manner in which funding is distributed and brings back the core sports program.

Surely this is not asking too much or too big a dream.

But trust me in each of the 10 dreams there will be resistance,


Simply because abuse of power, cronyism , greed, ignorance, stupidity, jealousy, lack of respect, revenge and above all a lack of mutual respect to civil society are the traits that govern our sports today.

We are a nation of failures in sports, we achieved independence 62 years ago, but what do we do, we allow ourselves to be continued to be colonised by others in sports.

We lack faith in our own, we lack character to initiate and make changes, we are what we really are – a bunch of sorry so called Malaysian sports lovers who lack the “ balls” to speak up, to fight for our rights.


Because we have no guts.

And this handicap has been doing this for years.

Many of you out there agree in silence, agree with what it written, but do not have to courage to speak up or change things, even though you know things are being done wrong.

And yes, maybe some would have thought that one of my dreams should be having a new Sports Minister.

Well to that my answer is simple.

How about holding a forum, “ Sports under the PH Government”

Anyone keen?

Talk to me…….

And frankly your silence will not make it a happy 2020.