45 days on and NSC/NSI are only now thinking of post MCO guidelines

A simple question.

Just how long had the Movement Control Order been in place?

Well it had started on March 18 and today is May 2, making it a total of 45 days that we have been in a lockdown of sorts.

And the government encourage the work from home concept, something they further recommend once the MCO is eased on May 4 for economic stimulus,

Today most of the main stream media have reported on the National Sports Council Director General Dato Ahmad Shapawi Ismail as saying the NSC together with the National Sports Institute will be coming out with guidelines and standard operating procedures with regard to athletes and coaches that could resume training soon.

The million ringgit question is what was the SOP not prepared already?

It’s been a good 45 days so indeed it’s baffling that options were not thought off and prepared until yesterday’s announcement by the Prime Minister.

Unlike other sectors, with some taking pay cuts while many lost their jobs, their source of income, those at NSC and NSI continued to enjoy their perks.

Even the athletes and coaches too received their allowance, safe for those in certain programs like NFDP and NHDP who were never updated on their status.

So Awie, what have you guys been doing lah?

Enjoying the stay at home but do not work from home concept?

Just look at the Malaysian Golf Association, within hours of the PM announcement they came up with guidelines.

There is this idea by NSC to prepare the SOP for the sports that could resume training but in reality it’s pointless for them to do so at least until Hari Rays is over.

The MCO prohibits any interstate travel so going by these guidelines, those in their respective states must stay put.

Why should Athletes be given special dispensation when ordinary folks like you and me are bound by the MCO?

Granted they are national assists, is it not more practical and sensible to protect them from the pandemic?

Realistically speaking there ought to be no activities planned until June 1 and that ought to be made clear.

When the Youth and Sports Minister Dato Seri Reezal Merican Naina Merican issued the directive to NSC and NSI yesterday, surely he had not told them that training can resume right away.

Dato Seri Reezal is a sensible individual, as he knows that any proposal needs to be tabled at the Special Ministerial Committed for Covid 19 before being taken to the National Security Council for approval, and all the recommended SOP by the Ministry of Health must be in place.

NSC and NSI must not only look at the guidelines for Athletes and coaches but for its 1,500 workforce that come from red zones.

While it’s practical to test and quarantine the Athletes for 14 days before they eventually return, will the same be applied to the staff and their families?

The fact is nothing moves at Bukit Jalil until they are directed or told to do.

Remember Sukma?

It took the Minister to initiate the video conference with the states as NSC was advocating the wait and see approach.

The bottom line is that those in sports need to be proactive and think out of the box in this new normal.

Not out staying their shelf life as many are doing.

Enough said, get back to work, your honeymoon should have been long over .