6 shortlisted for OCM CEO position

A total of 6 candidates from a total applicants of 59 have been shortlisted for the position of Chief Executive Officer of the Olympic Council of Malaysia.

The interview session is now scheduled for March 19 and besides the OCM President, the other two members of the interview panel are OCM Deputy President Dato Azim Zabidi and OCM Secretary General Dato Nazifuddin.

OCM had placed an advertisement for the position of CEO in February and it was left undated, with no closing date.

Though the six have been shortlisted, there is no guarantee that any of the 6 will be hired,

After the interview session, the decision will have to be endorsed at the OCM Executive Board Meeting in April.

However there seems to be some ambiguity in the who process as the OCM Constitution needs to be amended first to include a provision for the CEO.

Failing which the selected candidate will be deemed as toothless or with no locus standing other then being a glorified clerk

There is also another issue on the services of the existing General Manager Fong Wan Hor.

Although it is learnt that Fong did Nor apply for the CEO position, his position as GM cannot be ignored for want of OCM getting into a fix with a claim of constructive dismissal later in should they do away with the position of General Manager.