A revamp necessary for Malaysian Sports – Part 1

Jack of all trades, master of none.

The aptly describes the sports scenario in our country as the National Sports Council has probably taken on more then it can chew.

There needs to be a more honest and open policy from the government agency.

Firstly the sports belongs to the National Sports Associations.

Slowly but surely the NSC has virtually taken over most of not all sports.

Even at time’s being accused of siding certain candidates in elections of these sports bodies so as to endure candidates that are right wing are ejected instead of left wing that are seen to be not so NSC friendly.

This all boils down to one thing – funding.

As the agency in charge of disbursing government funding. This task seems to have been overstepping the boundaries. And in the process, NSC are even guilty of taking over the technical aspects of the sports – be it coaching and development.

And the NSA’s just roll over and remain in a trance, simply because they do not have the means or are just contend with the funds provided for by the government agency, not at all bothered to find their own funds.

This lackadaisical attitude is resulted by leaders who probably are there for the glory, never once having passion, save for being in front of cameras or being there when VVIP’s are around.

So sports, in particular the Athletes, become the pawns or victims.

Now back to the number of sports, it was openly said that NSC derived their medal target from a core of 28 sports for the SEA Games.

This is a huge number to focus on and more importantly putting water into sea in terms of funding.

So what actually happened to the much publicised “ tier” program that supposedly replaced the Podium Program?

Did these sports deliver and if they did not, are any demoted to the next tier?

Accountability is the name of the game, and this is where NSC lacks it.

Yes a post mortem is said to be in the pipeline, but it is as usual clear that it will be tailor made to absolve NSC of all blame and expect the NSA’s to face the brunt of the flak.

Now it’s time for the Sports Minister to study again the type of sports that we should really focus on.

Firstly we ought to focus on Olympic sports and those which we are good at Asian and Commonwealth levels.

And looking at the present day scene , the sports should be categorised as below:

First Tier


Aquatics ( Swimming and Diving)



Cycling ( Track and Road)

Gymnastics ( Artistic and Rhythmic)

Hockey ( Men)


Second Tier




Lawn Bowls




Now all these sports must be made compulsory sports in Sukma.

The present day approach of having many sports in Sukma needs to be revisited.

There should only be a maximum of 25 sports in Sukma with the above being compulsory sports and others optional to the hosts.

But before anyone NS has the bright idea of holding yet another workshop/seminars or symposium to discuss this, just go wipe the fist of all the previous times such events were undertaken and use the dead from there.

And I could never understand why NSC loves to hold workshops!

They have never fixed anything for years!

Next we shall talk on leadership and greed in sports.