As some from the hockey fraternity keep rubbing salt to wounds, I shall keep paying tribute to Mum who left me on July 7. For only after that I came to know who my friends really were. There are some who painstakingly call me every other day offering me words of encouragement. And yet there are some who have not even called despite me helping them when at their lowest. And yet there are others who went on claiming things I had no time to think about as I was in GHKL three times a day and many a time camping there till late night. Life is not about money and power, but there some who feel money and power is everything.

Thus while these poor lost souls continue to pour scorn in my hour of grief, I shall include them in my daily prayers for my Mums soul, hoping that God makes them realize their folly. And to those who I had considered “friends” I wish you the very best. I shall continue to grieve in silence, hoping that one day you will realize what is glass and what is a gem.

Mum, where ever you are, I do hope that you are happy, looking over the family as you have done all these years. I miss you loads Mum, and every trip I make to Tampin in the past years was worth it as I got to spend time with you.

I pray no one, neither my friend or foe has to go through the anguish of having to lose a loved one. The pain is unbearable but I have to persevere as I have my Dad to fend for. Although there are unscrupulous personalities who took advantage on my situation by not paying me my dues, while others are akin to vultures, pouncing on jobs I was committed in doing, I believe that God does everything for a reason.