AFC Award for AMD/NFDP. Credit seeking and hiding truth

There was much fanfare and self glorifying after the Asian Football Confederation announced that Malaysia was included with a 2 star rating of the AFC Elite Youth Scheme.

Media statements were issued, Twitter a buzz with threads posted on how reports were meticulously prepared in September last year and culminating with a site inspection of Akademi Mokhtar Dahari in Gambang in early March.

There was so much chest thumping that made one wonder why some people resort to lies and deceit just to portray an image as if without then sports in the country will be akin to the slumps of Kerinchi.

Well here is the truth of the matter and those sitting in seats can squirm all they want for this was verified by singing birds within the system.

AMD was not on the initial list to be considered as it was another state that was recommended by a certain individual who however wasted no time by claiming glory for the AFC award of two star rating.

And when the AFC delegation was to head for Gambang, there was a transport issue as FAM and NSC failed to arrange it.

The same applied to the one night stay there and last minute scurrying saw individuals using their private vehicles to go.

And today unashamedly these officials are taking credit!

There was not a single mention of Khairy Jamaluddin in any of the press release or social media posting.

It was KJ who in his term as Sports Minister that initiated the NFDP and the building of AMD.

Have these people no shame taking credit of someone else’s work.

And not forgetting Safirul Abu Bakar and his team that were unceremoniously dumped by those greedy officials at Bukit Jalil and the 17th Floor of Menara KBS.

Truth hurts right, so be it as truth must be told.

Unlike Apple polishing journalists who resort to favours for positive stories that are a manifestation of lies.

There, told as it is.