After FAM fails, BAM set time submit appeal to resume training

The M-League tried but failed in their attempt to resume Football once the Movement Control Order was over.

But that setback will not stop the Badminton Association of Malaysia from submitting a proposal to resume training for its elite players on June 1.

In revealing this, BAM President Dato Seri Norza Zakaria said that they were in the final stages of submitting a proposal to the National Security Council via the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

“ We are seeking approval to resume on court training at the Akademi Badminton Malaysia on June 1,” said Norza after news filtered in on the rejection of FAM/MFL proposal by the government,

“ We will House the players there and they will be focussing on training, sparring as well as building up their match fitness.

“ Players in other countries have resumed training and we need to get our players ready for the Tokyo Olympics qualification process.

“ Of course our main concern will be on the well being of the players and towards this we will propose a strict standard operating procedure in line with the requirements of the Ministry of Health.”

The BAM request could well be considered given that Senior Minister Dato Seri Ismail Sabri Yacob had used Badminton as an example in his televised briefing.

Ismail in rejecting Football had said that it was a contact sports with 22 players and considered a mass targeting, unlike badminton where in singles players were on either side of the net.

BAM had put their players in mandatory quarantine after retiring from the All England in March to vet for any possible Covid 19 players.

“ We have the facilities to house both players and coaches and their movement will be restricted to just within the ABM,” said Norza.

“ It will only be a limited number of players and officials involved at this juncture should we be given permission.

“ As we are a non contact sport, social distancing could be maintained and all other conditions set by MOH will be adhered to.”

BAM is being optimistic that their proposal could receive the free light and could well be the first sport to resume action, at least physically, once the Hari Raya is over.