AHF/FIH ; Been there , done it accolade for many Malaysians

A long serving Hockey coach posed me an interesting question.

He asked if I could name Malaysian Hockey officials that had served in international Hockey bodies.

Now that was something tough to answer .

The first name that sprang to mind was the one and only Dato G. Vijinathan who served both at Asian Hockey Federation and the International Hockey Federation,

Then came the name of Tan Sri P. Alagendra who besides holding the position of Secretary General of AHF was also an Executive Board Member of the FIH.

Our two royalties that loved Hockey, Al- Mahrum Sultan Azlan Shah and our present Kimg Al Sultan Abdullah were one time President of the Asian Hockey Federation as well as FIH Executive Board Members.

Dato Manjit Majid Abdullah was that in various AHF Committees amd is currently a Vice President of AHF.

Another Malaysian Dato Rahim Mat Arif is chairman of the AHF – Raja Ashmam Academy after serving years in various AHF Committees.

And who can forget the late S. Satgunam , who was a legendary administrator and at one time was the Executive Secretary of AHF and it’s Competitions Committee Secretary.

Hashim Yusof the former MHF Secretary was also on the AHF Committed for years since 2007.

In coaching, C. Paramalimgam was once named coach of the Asian XI.

Amarjit Singh, the current Secretary of the Perak HA was once a long time member of the AHF Umpires Committee, a honour once also held by the late N. Sreedharan.

Also at FIH we had two distinguished individuals.

Former national women captain K. Maheswari was one a member of the FIH Risk and Compliance Committer while Dato Dr. Ramlan Abdul Aziz in the Medical Committee..

Former The Star Hockey journalist S. Ramaguru was for three terms the Secretary of the AHF Media Committee and prior yo him Anthony Raj of NST was a member as well.

Next we have Lim Chiow Chuan who was on the FIH athlete commission and also is currently an instructor with FIH and AHF in coaching.

Other AHF Instructors are Brian Fernandez, Col Muthukumat and Jusvir Singh.

Former MHF General Manager Maninderjit Singh was also on the FIH CEO Panel during his tenure.

Names like Ajaib Singh Mann, Jora Singh, Amar Singh, S. Khatrivel, Terry Paramalingam are synonymous with Asian Hockey.

Maybe there should be a record kept so that confusion will not arise when honouring our hockey official in the future.