All eyes on two press conferences

Two press conferences are scheduled today, within a short distance of each other.

At 3.00pm, a Press Conference by the Malaysian Hockey Confederation will be held at the National Hockey Stadium.

And at 4.30pm, another press conference, hosted by Air Asia chief Dato Kamarudin Meranun will be held at Seri Petaling Hotel.

The MHC Press Conference will most likely in all probability reveal the candidates list for the AGM scheduled for November 16.

This is in accordance with the regulations that require the list of nominees madd known 10 days before the scheduled AGM.

And there is most likely contest for all the ten positions up for grabs.

For the President position, there will be two candidates that meet the criteria of securing at least three nominations each.

As for the male and female Deputy President, it will also see a contest between two candidates in each category.

However it is more then likely that the KLHA President who was nominated for the number 2 position, will announce his withdrawal, if not today but in coming days, to pave the way for Tengku Hassanal to be elected unopposed.

For the women’s Vice Presidents position a total of five candidates have received nominations.

And the big battle is the men’s Vice Presidents positions which if correct has seen a total of 16 candidates being nominated.

For clarity, only two women and five men will be voted into the Vice President’s position.

With there not being a panel to oversee the electoral process, expect some drama to unfold.

And moving on to the meet the media session by Kamarudin, he is expected to address the issue as to why he is contesting,

Before that, it is pertinent to note that he had played hockey before, thus he has knowledge on the sport.

Kamarudin , should he contest , will have a Herculean task to make changes should he win.

To make changes, he needs a team and for that to happen he needs the “ correct” people to ride shotgun with him on the Executive Board,

It is still yet to be known as to what drove Kamarudin, who also is involved in English Football Club QPR, to shift his focus to Hockey

Also it is left to be seen how he plans to use his experience in Air Asia to instill success into a team sport that is under scathing attack for failing to make the Olympics for the fifth straight time.

One must also remember that Malaysia also suffered almost similar fortunes in the World Cup.

After the 1982 Bombay World Cup, Malaysia failed to qualify for the 1986, 1990, 1994 World Cups, a hiatus of 16 years as they made the 1998 World Cup.

So all ears and eyes will be focused towards Bukit Jalil today as things are made clearer.

But do not expect any U turns as the battle lines have been drawn up as once friends will now be foes, though on the ballot paper.