Many have construed my silence on this blog to me beibg silenced by certain quarters.

But in reality I had to focus on family issues, as the well being of my parents is of utmost priority.

Much has happened over the weeks I did not update this blog but from today we shall continue to bring you unbiased news, expose the wrong doings and abuse of power and above all the self interest of personalities that use sports for self gain.

The image of the country internationaly has been tarnished at the BAC AGM and we now have video and audio footage showing a Malaysian doing scant justice to the BAC Constitution.

And then there is another case of the OCM Secretary position challenge that is being fanned by a top civil servant who has axe to grind.

Not forgetting talking on who will be the next Sports Minister since GE13 is over. Bye Shabery Cheek for you will not be missed at all save for those who benefited.

And talking of benefits why is the main stream media, especially the badminton writers so quiet about BAM appointing an agent to deal about TV rights with RTM when it could have done so itself as has been the case? Why pay commission when you can save mega bucks?  All related to the fact that you scratch my back and I scratch yours?

Oh yes there is also the talk about Windsor Paul making a return as FAM Sec Gen, in the mans own words why bother when one cannot change things for the better.

So keep coming back here for we are back and cringe in fear you sods who abuse sports.