AMD: Is this professional administration?

In the Malaysian education system, having a certificate af the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia is of paramount importance.

Without such a certificate, there is no chance whatsoever for the individual, be it to pursue higher education of secure a job, especially in the civil service.

In short it is the most important document, but though some failed to secure it, they still move up to important positions like Chief Executive Officers, even though with a Sijil Am Pelajaran which says you sat for SPM but failed to make the grade for certification,

So it was appalling to learn that five Football players from the Akademi Mokhtar Dahari failed to sit for their SPM examination.

Initially the list was 12 players as they were involved for preparation of a tournament in Cambodia as well as an attachment stint in Japan.

However 7 opted for deferred dates to sit for the examination while five for a years deferment.

This issue arose as their services were needed for the National U19 team that played in the AFC Qualifiers.

The irony of the entire situation was that it was only days before the SPM examinations that the players were given this option – to either defer their SPM to the following year or to withdraw from the squad.

Of course the parents were the ultimate decision makers given the players were juvenile.

But this program, supposedly much improved under the new regime, spearheaded by the National Sports Council directly and jointly managed by the Football Association of Malaysia, has failed the players, simply because of this 11th hour decision.

The fact remains that the dates of the SPM was clearly indicated much earlier in the year, as was the tournament.

So why was alternate arrangements not made, even to the extent of the players sitting for certain papers during the course of the examination?

Or even to the extent of opting to use their mid term and trial examination to determine the marks for certain papers they would have missed during the tournament proper!

Why was there no solutions found earlier or was it denied by the Ministry of Education outright ?

Is the academic future of the boys not important to NSC and FAM all due to the loud clarion cry of Malaysia Boleh, meaning matters can be swept under the carpet?

Now the fact remains these five boys are no longer in school and they need to sit for their SPM as a private candidate in 2020.

They were told that they or the clubs they signed to play for are responsible for this to be carried out.

Is this some sort of punishment being meted out as NSC , due to their weakness in the contracts, could not collect any compensation from these players?

It’s an easy way, typical of Malaysian culture – “ lepas tangan”.

Why is it now the responsibility of the players, parents or clubs to arrange for the next one year of tuition and preparation for the SPM?

Why can’t the NSC make arrangements for these players to be placed in state sports school now that Bukit Jalil Sports School no longer has a football program?

The officers from NSC and FAM are duty bound to ensure the well being of the players under their care.

The lackadaisical attitude is shameful and those in positions must take responsibility and vacate their positions.

They have failed to carry out their duties entrusted responsibly and ought to be held accountable.

If not no parent will ever encourage their children to take up sports.

Already the National is suffering with parents opting for academic interest over spirts.

But with such irresponsible management, perhaps this vindicates their lack of confidence in the system.

The two leaders of the NFDP , Minister Syed Saddiq and FAM President Dato Hamidin Amin should look into this seriously and offer sensible solutions, not excused like this was agreed upon by players and parents.

Rectify this, remove those who erred and give assurances this will never reoccur.

Of not you will go down as leaders that put in bail in the coffin for talents to excel in academics and spirts.

This is how the entire story unfolded, read on with an open mind.

See how the parents were told blatantly that their kids can be withdrawn from the team and the training stint.

Imagine the pain the parents had to endure, when pushed to the wall, their pleas being responded by harsh reply.

One of the parents started the ball rolling by voicing his/her concern in a Whatsapp group. It reads as follows:

“ Sy dpt info mengecewakan AMD dan diminta utk membuat pilihan/persetujuan

12 org yg terpilih latihan pusat AFC 19 diminta beraetuju membuat penangguhan menduduki Peperiksaan SPM

Ini suatu keputusan yg amat berat utk sy buat dan merasakan ini adalah pengakhiran ketidakadilan KPM MSN kpd anak saya

Krn isu ini telah lama diketengahkan oleh parent dan kami dijanjikan keistimewaan sijil SPM . “

This was following an earlier meeting and subsequent WhatsApp from an officer from NSC, probably those handling the NFDP. It reads as follows:

“ Assalamualaikum dan Salam sejahtera.

Adalah dimaklumkan, setelah perbincangan dengan pihak Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia (KPM) dan Lembaga Peperiksaan Malaysia (LPM) berkaitan Peperiksaan Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) bagi 12 pelatih Akademi Bola Sepak Negara Mokhtar Dahari (AMD), keputusan terkini adalah untuk menangguhkan peperiksaan SPM 12 pelatih tersebut yang sedang mewakili pasukan negara dalam Kejohanan Kelayakan AFC Bawah 18 tahun di Phnom Penh, Kemboja.

Keputusan ini dibuat ekoran kekangan masa yang dihadapi olhe pihak LPM kerana pihak berkuasa Kemboja sangat tegas dengan sebarang bahan bercetak yang memasuki negara mereka. Bagi mengelakkan sebarang kesulitan yang mungkin akan dihadapi oleh pengawas peperiksaan LPM, maka LPM bersetuju untuk menangguhkan peperiksaan SP kepada pelatih-pelatih tersebut sehingga mereka kembali semula ke Malaysia selepas tamat Kejohanan Bolasepak AFC Bawah 18 tahun tersebut.

Tarikh baru peperiksaan SPM bagi 12 pelatih tersebut akan dimaklumkan kelak apabila sudah menerima cadangan tarikh yang sesuai daripada pihak FAM dan kelulusan pihak KPM dan LPM.

Sekian, terima kasih.”

Obviously some agents were not too happy with the options given at the 11th hour as this matter had been raised much earlier but would most likely have been ignored.

And this was the retort from the National Sports Council Director General Dato Ahmad Shapawi Ismail after he learnt that one of the parents had raised the matter with Sports Minister Syed Sadiq.

“ Salam Semua Parents, YB Syed Saddiq ada terima aduan dari salah seorang parents yang dimaklumkan mewakili 12 parents yang lain. Aduan tersebut mengatakan keadaan parents yg serba salah kerana terpaksa membuat keputusan dlm masa yg terhad mengenai SPM anak2 kita. Saya mohon maaf tidak dapat hadir perjumpaan semalam kerana terpaksa hadir mesyuarat SUKMA di JB ttp utk makluman semua dan telah pun dimaklumkan kepada semua parents bahawa kita ( MSN dan KPM ) telah habis usaha utk memohon pengecualian atau exam awal dsbgnya ttp keputusan Lembaga Peperiksaan Malaysia adalah muktamad bhw tidak ada pengecualian kecuali menangguhkan pengambilan SPM bagi tahun ini dan parents berhak membuat keputusan terbaik utk anak2 kalian. So, keputusan semua telah diperolehi semalam dan sepatutnya tidak perlu dibincangkan lagi kerana masa yang agak suntuk sekarang ini. So, sekali lagi, saya mohon melalui grup ini utk parents memaklumkan sekali lagi keputusan tuan puan samada kekal dgn keputusan tuan puan semalam atau tidak. Kita tidak boleh dapat both of the world buat masa ini, so, pls buat keputusan muktamad. Kalau nak teruskan SPM, then kita akan minta FAM cancel your son’s name dari program Dubai dan Tokyo. InsyaAllah, ada rezeki mereka nanti..Kita akan bantu sebaik mungkin urusan pengambilan peperiksaan tahun depa khususnya dengan kelab baru masing2. Harap memahami keadaan yang kita hadapi sekarang ini. Harap penuhkan list di bawah ttg keputusan muktamad Tuan Puan. Terima kasih.



Keputusan Saya:

Bil Nama Ibu/Bapa SPM

( Nama Anak ) (


2. “

It was not a very professional response from Shapawi, given that he virtually said “ cannot have the best of both worlds”.

And the other part that showed complete lack of responsibility was telling them that their clubs should make the arrangements for their SPM in 2020.

So the notion of putting a price tag on players does not make much sense now does it.

Obviously players end up losers and wait till the second part in a few days time on another potential blunder in the works.