Are we prepared for Manila SEA Games?

Indoor Hockey is rather seasonal in Malaysia.

After the 2017 SEA Games, a leader made it clear that field Hockey was the focus and that not much attention will be paid to indoor Hockey.

And another individual that holds a high position , had before the 2027 games, made it public that Malaysia will win four gold medals.

In the end the women indoor team only delivered a bronze.

And now two years later the clamour for more focus on indoor Hockey starts yet again, so take note of seasonal.

First some bare facts that may have been left out of reports.

Thailand employed their Iranian coach prior to the 2017 SEA Games and not a few months ago. They are serious about indoor Hockey.

Secondly we had a rich tradition in indoor hockey with out first national tournament held in 1983. At Stadium Negara.

And in 2011, HRH Sultan Azlan Shah donated two trophies – the Raja Ashman ( Men) and Tunku Bainun ( Women) for the inter state championships.

So what happened to the two national championships?

And with the absence of any proper tournament, how were the players of the current team selected in the first place!

The two teams were sent to Australia to play matches in preparation for the Asian Indoor Championships and the results were not highlighted by the parent body.

And last but not least, an indoor Hockey pitch was purchased for the 2017 SEA. Games. Can anyone shed light as to where that pitch is?

Had that pitch been deployed to a proper venue, there will be no issues of a training facility as lamented by the coaches.

Now for some hard hitting facts – whether the NSC cares or not.

At the rate we are going about with Indoor Hockey, we will not win two gold medals in Manila, maybe not even one.

Do not believe what that official is saying by using bombastic words such as eco system, synergy, confidence , hard work, dynamic and whatever can be conjured to make social media flowery – the reality that is facing us is we are just not serious in our preparation,

Malaysia needs to embark on a playing tour – Men to Iran and Women to Kazakhstan/Uzbekistan.

This is where the NSC has to step in and provide the financial support.

But it must come with a condition, and applicable to NSC as well who have removed the National U16 Director General Cup from its funding.

There is a necessity for a MHL kind of league competition plus an interstate competition – both at senior and junior levels. And this must be done for men and women.

It is easy to just sit and put up postings on social media, but can that individual please state why no Hockey 5’s has been held despite the fact Malaysia won gold at the Youth Olympics.

Let’s not fool the public with Long winded posts on social media but actually show plans and implement them, the country comes first, not gathering followers on social media.

So if there is any remorse, give Indoor Hockey teams the exposure they really need, if not forget the gold or golds in Manila.

And by the way, shall we talk of your NHDP next? Fact or fiction ?