As expected guns and knives out lah on OKS

In 90 minutes, the reputation of a Football coach can be torn to shreds.

To hell with the success he reaped, to hell with the fact that he turned youngsters into household names, to hell with the fact that he madd toms of sacrifices.

That is the fate of Dato Ong Kim Swee that is being singularly blamed for the dismal failure of the national u22 team at the Manila SEA Games.

Yes agreed he is accountable for the outcome and Kim Swee knows that well.

Right from the day he walked into Wisma FAM in 2006, he knew he was walking into a minefield.

But wait a minute, are the players absolved of any blame?

Are the Prima donnas of Malaysian Football so high on a pedestal that it’s as if they gave 120 per cent on the pitch.

Kim Swee surely had issues in the dressing room but bring the parson here is, the Malacca born will not kiss and tell.

He will be chastised for the 3-4-3 formation and at times it makes one wonder if TV commentators/pundits will make better coaches as they seem to pass all kind of remarks and insinuations.

One of the most overused phrases in our Football of late is “ semua ini hasil Berjaya usaha Dato Midin, segala pujian buat Hamidin”.

So now with this failure it is hoped that Dato Hamidin Amin will accept equal responsibility and come out with his “ well crafted excuse or “ pandangan” from his team at the 4th floor.

Sitting at dialysis at 5am penning this article, I wonder what will be going through Kim Swee’s mind as he is in the plane back from Manila.

Will he, after 10 years coaching SEA Games squads finally walk out of the door at Wisma FAM with no renewal of contract from a mutually agreed deal between both parties?

Will be be offered a new contract, perhaps at NFDP?

Will he be eyed by teams in the M League although Kim Swee has always indicated he rather take up an assignment overseas before venturing in the short life career as a coach in the M League where only results matter?

One thing is certain though , it will be a muted 49th birthday for Kim Swee on December 11.

What could have been a day of celebration had his team made the final on December 10 will now change to a period of reflection.

And when he boards the plane for Sydney to undergo his attachment for the Pro Licence in a weeks time, his future will surely have been determined.

So for the time being, let’s leave the coach alone to reflect on his future, though he can always to a U turn and take charge of the 2021 SEA Games squad.

Hint hint, he could have picked up valuable pointers from the best in U turn areas.