As the football fires rage on, Hamidin quarantines himself?

Failure, if not addressed immediately, can be habit forming.

It leads us to more failure and, ultimately, total ruin.

Malaysian football is in that parlous state.

We had it all and we have it all, but riches which are not utilised properly still render us paupers in world football.

Today, we are obsessed with all the wrong things.

It is all about fairness, honesty, pride and passion.

Sixty three years after independence we are deluding ourselevs into giving excuses for failure.

All the rhetoric and promises cannot hide the fact that, after 63 years of nationhood, we are still grappling to deal with certain realities.

Nothing puts it in better focus than the game which was the very soul of the nation until its decline 30 years ago.

Each day one flips open the newspaper, watches the TV news or tunes in the radio and what do you read or hear.

The same old stories, unpacked d wages, seeking bailouts from state governments, abuses in contracts and more glaringly of late the battle on reducing wages.

FAM is entirely ti blame for all this mess.

In their quest to see Malaysian Football thrive, they lifted the ceiling salary rule, obviously driven by some who could afford and others that thought they could afford it.

Affluence, living a lifestyle in the fast lane and spending like dukes, that’s all our footballers have achieved, nothing more then flashy cars and business ventures that failed.

Ever seen any player showing his house, meaning having real estate?

Nope it’s flashy cars and gold digging girlfriends stories that don our media, who I dare say are equally guilty in promoting half baked players that do not deserve what they are paid.

So in the end there is just a media war, with some parties claiming that FAM and MFL are responsible for the porous financial situation they are in.

Day in and day out, the FAM General Secretary Stuart Ramalingam issues one statement after another.

I dare say he makes more statements then our Prime Minister himself despite the nation undergoing a serious health and economy crises.

And where is the FAM President Dato Hamidin Mohd Amin while all these fires are raging and going out of control?

Someone even joked that Hamidin is in self quarantine.

Not from the Covid 19, but not meddling into these issues so as to safeguard himself.

A leader is one who fights alongside his troops, wears the badge with pride and above all provides solutions to matters at hand.

But Hamidin, despite his swagger and all, accompanied by his fourth floor charges and an entourage of apple polishing Exco members has buried his head in sand.

Not seen. Not heard, Nothing at all as the sport loses credibility day in and day out.

Don’t tell me the army of advisors or protégés you employ cannot offer you solutions in this critical tines.

The truth of the matter is simple – they have no inkling in what to do and how to get out of this mess.

And it all boils down to the fact that they never ran a Football team let alone a club or a state Football team.

So they do not know the requirements, the perils and the suffering state or club officials endure.

The writing is on the wall but those who earn fat wages at FAM and MFL just refuse to see it.

The Covid 19 problem is not going away, accept that fact.

The Health Ministry Director General has made it clear tune and again – no large gatherings to be allowed in the next six months.

So get on with your M League, start it on July 1, make changes to the structure of the competitions.

These are not normal times and one must act decisively.

Well the obvious question – what if the Covid 19 matter is still raging come July 1?

Then call off the damn league this year, after all is FAM or MFL willing to put lives at stake for their self egos and pride?

Ah yes, now we understand. The FAK elections are next year so all this is to safeguard their chairs.

I hear Harvey Norman will be selling cheap chairs , go get one that you can sit on forever, never mind if Football further rots.