Athletes Attire, Care state your stand KBS, MSN

When we have Ministers and Deputies that forget this is a democratic country, a multi racial country, then what hope is there left.

Just read this statement below;

Deputy Women and Family Development Minister Siti Zailah Mohd Yusoff says policies that don’t clash with Islam will continue under the new government.

She will also be pushing her previous policy suggestions for syariah-compliant uniforms for Muslim flight attendants and athletes.”

Firstly I await the response from the Sports Minister, his Deputy ( who was Sadiq’s special Officer when the then Sports Minister objected to such suggestion) and NSC Director General Dato Ahmad Shapawi.

I respect all religions but such remarks on the athlete attire shows how shallow her thinking is.

What great ideas will she come up with next ?

Probably things like banning women from watching sports events, different cinemas for movies, and why not take it further only women can treat women patients in Hospitals.

The choice of attire is the prerogative of the athletes and we do not need her to tell them what to wear or not to wear.

Why not she just bar women from participating in sports altogether!

The religious beliefs and practices and an individual choice, it’s between that individual and his maker.

It’s to his/her maker that the Athletes are answerable , guided by religious advice by their clerics, and surely not by a Deputy Minister that’s only out for votes,

Making such statements can cause undue concern to the public

And besides she should consider talking to Zuraida the Housing and Local Government minister who was at THT forefront cheering our athletes and the Manila SEA Games.

It’s best you focus on the child marriage issue then fixing into a pool that you do not know the depth.

Enough said, care to make a stand Reezal, Wan, Awie?