Athletes pick their reps for OCM Athlete Commission

It was the first time that an election was conducted to select members of the OCM Athlete Commission


Conducted by the the election of office bearers for the Athletes’ Commission for the term 2019/2021 was orderly but looking at the faves of those present to cast their votes, many were oblivious to what role the commission actually plays in the umbrella body.

For starters they now have an elected voice sitting in the OCM Executive Board unlike appointed individuals in the past.

For those who are not too familiar, the membership of the OCM Athletes’s Commission is confined to national athletes thar had represented Malaysia in Multi-Sports Games under the jurisdiction of OCM.

A fair share for f national sports Associations totalling 34 NSAs affiliated to OCM (27 Ordinary Members & 7 Associate Members had submitted nominations for elections to the OCM Athletes’ Commission for the term 2019/2021.

Those elected to the office of the OCM Athletes’ Commission for the term 2019/2021 are as follows:


Shalin Zulkifli (Tenpin Bowling)

Deputy President:

Loh Jack Chang (Wushu)


Johnathan Wong Guanjie (Shooting)

Committee Members (Asian Games):

1. Alex Liew Kien Liang (Tenpin Bowling)

2. Siti Rahmah Mohd Nasir (Silat)

3. Asjanita Aini Abu Hassan (Sports Aviation)

Committee Members (Commonwealth Games):

1. Amy Kwan Dict Weng (Gymnastics)

2. Fairul Izwan Abd Muin (Lawn Bowls)

3. Emma Firyana Siroji (Lawn Bowl)

Committee Members (SEA Games):

1. Tan Cheong Min (Wushu)

2. Mathiavani Murugeesan (Karate)

3. Prem Kumar Selvam (Karate)

“We look forward to work closely with the newly elected office bearers of the OCM Athletes’ Commission in the future” said Dato’ Mohd Nazifuddin.

In her maiden address, Shahrin remarked,

“ We will now be open for suggestions from the athletes for the betterment of sports. We will serve as the voice of the Athletes and we hope that the athletes will channel their suggestions so we can bring it up to the relevant parties.”