Azim should not get personal in FAM Elections

Having taken a break for the General Elections, and not bothering to vote, it is time to hit the keyboard once again.

Some may look at the jottings as criticism but in reality it’s my opinion and since it’s my space what I write may not be agreeable to all.

We start the day with shocking news in Urusan Malaysia where the first salvo for the FAM presidential race was fired.

Dato Azim Zabidi, the National Sports Institute Chairman who is a candidate for the President position of FAM took a swipe at current General Secretary Dato Hamidin Amin by stating;

“Saya ingin bertanya kepada anda, Datuk Hamidin sudah lama dalam bola sepak tetapi saya tidak nampak kebaikan pun, jadi adakah itu gagal atau tidak? Sudah (lama) melibatkan diri dalam bola sepak tetapi macam itu juga.

“Sudah tiba masanya untuk menerima perspektif baharu. Jangan terlalu negatif sebalik­nya bersikap positif. Lagi satu, saya lihat bola sepak di negara ini terlalu bersifat eksklusif di mana orang luar tidak boleh masuk. Saya fikir nak kena tukar. Saya mahu jadikannya bersifat inklusif (jika dipilih).

“Jika ada orang lain boleh beri idea baharu apa salah­nya. Jangan terlalu eksklusif. Mereka sahaja yang boleh. Kita dah nampak dalam tempoh 10 hingga 20 tahun ini. Teruk lagi ada (tahap bola sepak negara). Sepatutnya semua letak jawatan sebab mereka juga bersalah,” katanya kepada Utusan Malaysia di sini hari ini.

Now while I respect Azim for his straightforward approach, I wish to point out the following flaws in his statement.

Firstly he was nominated by the Pahang FA and for the past 25 odd years it was the Pahang Royal Family that ran Football in the country.

So why did he not reveal the fact that it was they ( Pahang royalty) that failed to uplift the standard of football and not put the blame squarely on the administration of which Hamidin took charge only a few years ago?

Does Azim mean the likes of Dato Paul Mony, Dato Dell Akhbar, Tan Sri Ibrahim Saad and Dato Azzudin were responsible for the decline of our Football standards?

Now this is one statement that should not have been made as no one person can raise the standard of Malaysian Football.

By asking for those responsible in the past to resign , this compels me to ask Azim one question – why is he still hanging on to his position as ISN Chairman after the failure at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games?

No one pointed the guns at Azim but rather at the management of the Podium Program who are accountable.

I was fortunate to spend time with Azim at the MAF Athletics Malaysia Open and amongst others we did discuss his candidacy for the FAM position.

I only had one word of advice – it is Acess pool and you would not want to be involved.

That is my honest and sincere opinion as I feel that Azim can contribute effectively in his current position at ISN and OCM.

While others may not know, besides cricket, Azim has contributed towards Hockey fduring his time as Chairman of Bank Simpanan Nasional as many national players were given employment at a time the economic crisis hit the country.

He has the knowledge and ability to help in the promotion and development of sports, but he must remember that all that glitters is not gold.