Azlan Shah Cup confusion, when those with agendas don’t disrespect authority

It was the wee hours of Wednesday morning that I saw a missed called from Mohd Sayuti Samar, the President of Perak Hockey Association.

When I returned his call minutes later, he gave me the bad news – that the 2020 edition of the Sultan Azlan Shah had been cancelled due to the Covic 19 pandemic.

After I brief conversation, I got in my phone to start typing in my story and uploaded it.

A few hours later I was forwarded a letter from Dato Rahim Mat Ariff addressed time the President of the National hockey body on a letter head of the 29th Azlan Shah Cup informing the national body in the “postponement” of the tourney.

And Dato Rahim signed the letter as the Organising Chairman of SASC and Council Member of the Asian Hockey Federation.

That raised question marks – as the letter stated that the Azlan Shah Cup was postponed and at the same time it was a notification letter.

How on earth can a yearly tournament be postponed when it was not going to be held in this calendar year in the first place.

More shocks followed as I saw online media reports in the “ postponement” of the tournament.

Obviously that letter was circulated by an irresponsible individual out to undermine the authority of the Perak HA , and probably the sane person who drafted the letter for Dato Rahim to sign in the first place.

This matter ought to be investigated by the Perak HA and disciplinary actions ought to be initiated for bringing the game into disrepute.

I then proceeded to send Dato Rahim a message on what’s app, outlined the issues, firstly why the use of postponement, secondly who was the body governing Hockey in Perak and thirdly who was the organising body for the SASC.

Dato Rahim, the gentleman he is, concurred, after being informed hat the use of the word postponement was wrong and cancellation was the right terminology.

“ Yes, cancellation is more correct. As i said I use postponement because of the edition i.e 29th edition. The effect is the same.” was Rahim’s contention.

But his next two answers bewildered me.

“ The organiser of SAS Cup is Perak HA, RAS Academy and State Goverment. PHA will issue the letter to MHC.,” was his response.

Dato Rahim said that the Tournament was jointly organised by the Perak HA together with the Raja Ashman Academy.

This cannot be the case as the Academy is a company, registered with the Registrar of Companies, it’s core business being education, not organising tournaments.

As for the state government, they normally assist in funding and logistics. Not organise the tournament.

The rightful party that owns the rights and seeks sanction from the international body via the national body is Perak Hockey Association Abd no one individual can usurp that right or authority.

Dato Rahim, being the Deputy President of Perak HA must respect the parent body and not allow himself to be used by certain irresponsible individuals for their personal benefit.

It is vital for Perak HA to put matters right as in the 2019 edition itself there was talk that the tournament was being run by the Academy, and if so could be challenged as the Academy does not have the right to administer the sport of Hockey within the state of Perak,

Obviously some do not accept the results of the Perak HA elections held in March and are out to create a state of confusion.

For Dati Rahim , who was once the President of Perak HA and a Vice President of MHF, the correct thing would be to cut ties with those who do not respect rules and regulations.

Alternatively Dato Rahim could step down as Perak HA Deputy if feels he is unable to work with the new team without his “ un” trusted comrade in arms.

Having known Rahim for well over 33 years, I am certain he meant well but being the good natured man, he allowed himself to be used by those with agendas to wreck havoc in Perak Hockey.

So it’s time for Perak Hockey Association to put their foot down and form the Organising Committee for the 2021 edition, without a paid staff, lining up to the SASC always being a voluntary run tournament.