Badminton: A U Turn syndrome hits the sport

Is talking with a twisted tongue a norm of Malaysian Sports?

Well one cannot be faulted for thinking in that manner after watching what transpired over the past 24 hours.

And the issue is Badminton – a sport that promises loads but under delivers, year in and year out.

A sport that is given platinum service as so far as funding and facilities but delivers akin to a Low Class in terms of delivery.

It was indeed shocking and mind boggling to hear BAM’s Wong Choon Hann saying that the” independent “ pairs were the best net for medals at the Tokyo Olympics.

While it is good for him to be honest as that’s the reality, does this not go against the fundamentals or practices of those that warm the seats of power in BAM.

Correct me if I am wrong please, but was it not BAM and backed by NSC that denied these independent players from “ sparring” with national players at the public funded Akademi Badminton Malaysia?

Was it not the BAM who denied these players a place to train, thus forcing them to seek other alternative training venues?

Was it not BAM that thought these players will not make the grease and let them go from the National program?

What BAM ought to and should also acknowledge is that it made a mistake.

A mistake firstly by not permitting sparring sessions or training assistance to these independent players who after all served unselfishly over the years for BAM and the nation.

A mistake of not looking at the independent players as something that will benefit the sport as a whole rather then looking at them with contempt.

A mistake of not engaging with stakeholders on the usage of the Akademi rather then thinking that it was their property though built on public funds.

And talking about mistakes, not one badminton player reported to the Bukit Jalil Sports School on registration day.

So where are these50 odd players headed to?

Parents contacted said they were instructed not to send their children to BHSS.

So the question that BAM needs to answer is – where is the school leaving certificate of these students?

None applied for the document from BJSS or the Ministry of Education.

And by not extolling in a school, they are now ineligible to play in the Malaysian School Sports Meet ( MSSM)

Wonder that the states will have to say when they realise that these players are no longer eligible to represent them.

So it’s now said that badminton and football players at the Akademi Mokhtar Dahari in Gambang will be enrolled into an international school.

A glance at the website of the said school shoes a rather alarming figure – RM16,000 average per year per student.

And we are talking about 300 students, which works out to be a whopping RM4.8 million.

And that’s not taking into account registration fee.

A private school for sports anyone?

That’s lots of money to be made here.