Badminton : Chong Wei recalls rivalry with Lin Dan

With the retirement announcement of Lin Dan, have we seen the lady of the epic battles with his nemesis Les Chong Wei?

Not really says Chong Wei as he hopes to line up against Lin Dan across the net again, be it in exhibition matches with the view to promote the sport.

“ It came as a surprise to hear about his retirement from badminton,” said Chong Wei.

“ Maybe he is tired as the Olympics has been postponed and he might not have wanted to go through the strains of training for a high level for another year

“ I can offer him some post retirement advice, take your family for a well deserved holiday , as as players we neglect our loved ones many a time.

“ The feeling of spending quality time with the family cannot be measured in words.”

Chong Wei recalled his memorable clashes with Lin Dan over the past 15 off years.

“ I suppose I was unfortunate to be born in the same era as Lin Dan,” said Chong Wei who lost two Olympic finals in 2008 in Beijing and 2012 in London.

“ Bit we both took badminton a new level and our rivalry perhaps made people sit up and take more notice of the sport.”

Chong Wei said that his most bitter defeat against Lin Dan was in the 2012 London Olympics Final.

“ I did my best but it was still not good enough on that day,” recalled the Bukit Mertajam lad.

“ However in 2016 I managed to beat him in the semis of the Rio Olympics which I deem as my sweetest win over him.”

Badminton owes a great deal to both Chong Wei and Lin Dan.

And with Lin Dan announcing his retirement, short of 9 days to a year after Chong Wei retired on July 13 last year, their epic encounters will be continued to be played in the minds of the badminton fraternity for years to come.