Badminton: From court today courting sales , now back to court

On court during his days he was the darling of Malaysian Badminton.

Off court he was master class as he turned Power into a household name.

And now after 39 years 11 months of toiling for Bata, he itches to get back onto the court again.

Dato James Selvaraj is known to be blunt and direct, one who speaks his mind without fear or favour.

And despite being involved in BAM in various capacities after his playing days? Not once did he step into the court to tell coaches how to coach

He had this uncanny ability to pick up weaknesses in the style or play and coaching methods.

He did not hide behind the bush when he met the media to tell them his departure from Bats yesterday.

“ I hope that after my retirement I can be of help to Badminton again,” said James


“ It is not necessary for it to be the BAM for I am prepared to go down to state and clubs should they require my help.

“ We have talent in the country, it’s how we identify and nurture them that is vital.”

Having worked under several BAM Presidents in the past, James was receptive to the idea of meeting up with Dato Seri Norza Zakaria to discuss matters of mutual interest.

“ We need to formulate a plan that can find the proper talents for the Project 24,” said James.

“ Frankly it must be players below 19 as the age will be perfect in 4 years.

“ Our current batch will not be able to sustain, with the exception of one or two player.”

Having provided the various national multi sports contingents the Power shoes since 2000, James has over the past two decades developed a close rapport with many Athletes, both past and present.

And his offer to help in Badminton ought to be given sections consideration.

And it’s not only Badminton that James has had developed as he too was instrumental in the NS Royal 7’s Rugby Tournament.

And he was aptly bestowed the DPTJ which carries the title Dato.

“ I have no regrets in life, be it work or Badminton,” said James.

“ But u do fill something is still missing in our sports culture. Hopefully I can contribute if given a chance.•