Badminton : Independent pair prove BAM wrong

They were dumped by the national body Badminton Association of Malaysia barely a month ago.

Though BAM stopped believing in them, doubles pair Teo Ee Yi-Ong Yew Sin defied odds yo bag the Thailand Masters crown this evening.

The duo put ip a fighting display to record a 18-21,21-17,21-17 win over China’s Huang Kaixiang-Liu Cheng at the Huamark Indoor Stadium in Bangkok

The triumph will be painful for the national body to swallow, as once again they were proved wrong in their decision making process.

The inability of BAM to determine jewels from crystals once again has hit them smack in the face.

Though it is expected that the BAM will somehow lay claim to their success, given that they have been with the national set up since 13, there is obviously something very wrong with the evaluation system within the national body.

It is reliably learnt that even former national ace Dato Lee Chong Way was not pleased with the decision but his pleas went unheard.

While watching the fighting display on TV would have brought much joy to fans, what was sad was the fact that these two players were left to fend for themselves.

At each break they discussed their play with each other, as the plane loads of BAM coaches did not offer them any tips.

Was it an instruction from BAM or is it standard operating procedure of BAM?

Or is something those who were dropped have to be treated like outcasts?

The duo were wearing the national flag it was hoisted after the medal ceremony with our national anthem being played.

It was no independent flag or anthem and BAM should think on how to help fellow Malaysians.

The money BAM uses comes from the tax payers and not from the private kitty of any official.

And this is the doubles pair that BAM will be counting on to negotiate our way in the Thomas Qualifiers in Manila barely two weeks away.

So at the national training camp, will they again be left to fend for themselves or will they be allowed to bring their own coach since BAM ignored them in Bangkok?

Is this how you treat players who you have unceremoniously dumped without proper and transparent evaluation.

Teo Ee Yi-Ong Yew Sin had decided at the time of their ouster from the BAM stable made it clear not to give up their dream of making it to Tokyo.

Ee Yi, 27, and Yew Sin, 25, should be given the necessary support to achieve the olympic dream.

But then again perhaps BAM, KBS and NSC feel that only they can decide who goes to or makes it to Tokyo.

Heaven forbid, we might have more independents from those in the national stable at the Olympics

Ee Yi-Yew Sin have turned to Chew Choon Eng, who has been coaching professional pairs Goh V Shem-Tan Wee Kiong and Chan Peng Soon-Goh Liu Ying (mixed doubles),

And if all six of them make it to the Olympics, it will only be proper for their coach to accompany them.

But with BAM and OCM helmed by the same individual, dare we hope for justice to prevail?

What say you SS, meaning Syed Sadiq and Stevan Sim for this SS has made the case loud and clear.