Badminton players move to Kiara stalled by MOE

Update on move to Kiara.

The latest info that received is that the move of the Badminton players to the Akademi Badminton Malaysia has been put on hold, for a while at least.

This was decided not by BAM but the Ministry of Education ( Sports Division).

It seems that there was no formal application, be it from the parents or players for their school leaving certificate.

And on the top of that there was no offer letter to the players from Regent International, the private institution to the players.

Ironically those at Gambang top are to be handled by Regent International.

Therefore it is left to be seen when the move will materialise as the Bukit Jalil Sports School has instructed the Badminton players to report as usual to school next Thursday.

Ironically the question that begs an answer is why those at BAM failed to clear the administrative requirements.

If such a simple thing can be over looked, this is a big move where the players future can be affected.