Badminton Project 24, means easy death in Chinese

Number 14 is considered to be the worst number among all the unlucky numbers.

The ‘1’ in the number 14 does not represent loneliness; instead it means ‘guaranteed’.

Therefore, the number would interpret ‘guaranteed death’..

And in comparison the number 24 means easy death as 2 translates to easy.

So 24 means in simple terms – easy death.

Hence those at the Badminton Association of Malaysia will in all eventuality be forced to change the name of this Project 24 which in actual fact is nothing new.

Malaysian Badminton has always had projects. Only the names differ, with the objectives remaining the same – to win international titles.

From the Thomas Uber Project to the various roads to the Olympics projects, we could well be world champions in launching projects with no end results.

And now, as if to justify his appointment into the BAM as Secretary General, Dato Kenny Goh has supposedly unveiled a Project 24, geared towards the 2024 Paris Olympics

So is the launch of this project to justify his position or safeguard it until 2024?

So many projects, programs and supposedly revitalisation of Badminton programs have been proposed and implemented in the past but has there been one case of anyone accepting accountability when the key performance index is never met, let alone even getting any of the desired results?

How many of the Administrators have been removed for failure to deliver?

How many resignations have we witnessed in BAM in the name of accountability?

Are the BAM now saying that their outgoing General MangerMichelle Chai failed in her duties to come up with a program so much so they had to employ Kenny to do so?

And what’s new in this program , if any at all?

It was in 2010 that I had highlighted the rise of countries like Japan, Thailand and India in Badminton.

But rather then act on improving things, BAM which was then led by Kenny as General Manager sat on their laurels and tried to suppress the formation of individual Badminton clubs.

At KLEC I gave such an issue as my doubles pair were denied a chance of playing in the World Championships despite qualifying on merit.

And today instead of welcoming the contribution of clubs and the rise of independent players to complement the development of Badminton , they are frowned upon.

Badminton in this country needs to break free of being constantly shackled by those in positions who only care to protect those who vote them in.

Just because the clubs have no voting rights, it does not mean they ought to be marginalised.

The time has come for the formation of a National Association of Clubs in Badminton.

The state based system is not working to its optimum and there needs to be other options available to those who have the passion and desire besides financial clout to assist our Badminton improve.

Winning medals at Olympics has been our project since Badminton was first introduced at the Olympics.

We have failed to do so simply because we do not have a large pool of players taking up the sport.

Many give up upon reaching a certain age and even the entire program at the Bukit Jalil Sports School that started in 1996 has failed to produce an olympic gold medalist or a world champion.

The fact that even a national senior and junior level league competition was initiated by a private entity speaks volumes of mere lip service at the national body.

So even the setting up of the Task Force by the Sports Minister will not help solve the woes in Badminton as the same people who brought it to its knees and now being entrusted to help it stand in its feet.

But all it needs is sincere effort with those who are passionate about the sports, not those who usurp the authority of others, not those who pride in being leaders, not those who just think of their retirement fund.

Hence the easy die projection is there for all to ponder upon,