Badminton : Time to accept responsibility

Malaysian Badminton is in trouble.

And the sooner the powers that administer the sport admit it, the earlier we can overcome it.

Our last major success was the Thomas Cup won in 1992, almost 27 years ago.

Yes we have had success at periodic levels through individual achievements but what have we achieved ever since the turn of the century?

No Thomas Cup, no Asian Gold medal ( with exception of Doha 2006 in doubles), hardly ever making it to the Uber Cup final, the Olympic medal remains elusive.

So why are we at such a precarious situation?

Simply put those who administer Badminton have been doing the same thing over the years, with the sane end results – failure.

We hear of new programs launched, we hear of rd-structuring, we hear of grads that will roll after one failure after another.

But those who pay the ultimate price are the players while the administrators continue to warm their seats, oblivious to the fact that they are actually accountable.

Let’s look at the basics.

Who has been heading the Salk important Coaching & Training Committee for years?

It’s either the President, Secretary pr now the General Secretary.

And the individual who knows about the sport, the person entrusted to uplift the standard of the sports , the Technical Director has to take instructions from this committee, many of whom probably have not played high level Badminton.

If a person like Wong Choon Hann has no power or authority to make decisions, then why on earth hire him in the first place?

All this talk about Project 24 is in actual fact to safeguard the salaries of a select few for the next five years or so.

So a KPI set for 2024 will endure continues flow of salaries for some, who are only out to safeguard self interests.

Moving players from Bukit Jalil to the BAM Academy is only an attempt to pull wool over our eyes.

There is no guarantee that these players will now be World bearers as the entire state level development program is flawed.

Just figure this – the only league based competition for junior level is run by a private entity – Purple League!

Where is the constant competitive opportunity for youngsters at state level to stake their claim.

Moving players out of their natural habitat, ie their home school or state actually is counter productive and stunts the development of these players.

And talking about academies, was it not earlier stated that there will be academies in the north ( Penang), south ( Johor ) and east malaysia ( Sarawak).

We have heard nothing about these but all that we often hear is the state of the art BAM Academy in Kiara.

What’s the point of having such an academy when you do not have talent?

It is the grassroots that need urgent attention and this is where the private clubs must be engaged.

Rather then look at these clubs as competitors, there must be a step towards inclusiveness instead of exclusiveness.

And the first step towards this should be the formation of a National Association of Clubs whose representative ought to be given a seat in the BAM Council.

Sitting on a pedestal maybe be good to many, but going onto the ground and getting your feet wet and getting of feel of the discontentment can only help the game develop.

And who knows we may not have to wait for 2024 to taste glory yet again for together we can move mountains.