Badminton: Whatever happened to our junior world beaters?

There are arguments that the Badminton development system has not failed but actually delivered results.

However facts speak for themselves should one take a look at the list of the World Junior Champions produces by this country,

World Junior Champions

1. Jeremy Gan / Chan Chong Ming (1996) MD

2. Chan Chong Ming / Teo Kok Seng (1998) MD

3. Chan Chong Ming / Joanne Quay (1998) XD

4. Jack Koh / Tan Bin Shen (2002) MD ( R/UP)

5. Tan Boon Heong / Hoon Thien How (2004) MD

6. Lim Khim Wah / Ng Hui Lin (2007) XD

7. Mak Hee Chun / Teo Kok Siang (2008) MD

8. Chooi Kah Meng / Ow Yao Han (2009) MD

9. Ow Yao Han / Yew Hong Kheng (2010) MD

10. Zulfadli Zulkifli (2011) MS

11. Nelson Heg / Teo Ee Yi (2011) MD

12. Goh Jin Wei (2015) WS

13. Goh Jin Wei (2018) WS

14. Pearly Tan / Toh Ee Wei (2019) WD R/UP)

The above list shows that we have won gold and silver medals in the various categories at junior level.

So in reality, with a sound and systematic program, rightfully we ought to have world beaters right now,

But just where are they?

This clearly is factual and further cements the arguments put forward that BAM has failed to nurture these jewels into world beaters.

It shows that we live in a flawed system that needs to be rectified right away through a public forum to find out just where we went wrong,

Let’s not go on sweeping failed systems under the carpet and renaming them as two stings can never make things right,

Owning up to failures and doing something about them is the best way to address the issues at hand,

Will anyone have the scrotal gumption to own up?