Badminton ; Zhi Jia needs to show hunger contends Chong Wei

More hunger and less eagerness on the court.

That is what upcoming badminton player Lee Zhi Jia needs in order to stamp his mark at the international stage.

This advice comes from none other that our Badminton legend Dato Lee Chong Wei who watched the exploits of our Badminton players in Bangkok over the past three weeks.

While confirming that he often discusses with singles coach Handraean on the training and performances of the national players, Chong Wei he has to go through the preparations towards Bangkok and their performances in detail

“ Many have said it’s due to the outing in Bangkok is the first outing after a hiatus of nine months but this cannot be cited as an excuse,” contends Chong Wei.

“ The other players too went through a similar situation and in Bangkok it was the same venue, same hotel and same SOP for all.

“ It all boils down to performance on the court and Zhi Jia needs to analyse what went wrong and why he could not perform at its best.”

Chong Wei attributes it to hunger or rather the lack of it.

A long break can have adverse affect on a player although training compensates.

And Chong WEI is talking from experience,

He was barred from Badminton for a period of 8 months due to a doping infringement,

But he never gave up and continued training in his own , out of the national stable.

And he returned with a bang, nor losing his touch that made him one of the most feared persons in the Badminton scenes

“ There must be hunger within yourself and it must show in your eyes when you step on to the court,” said Chong Wei.

“ The set back I faced was a game changer as I was resolved to the rove I was a true champion.

“ This desire is from within one self, not through psychology sessions but our gut feeling that we are capable on taking anyone on a given day.

“ This is what He needs, to build his inner strength to quest for higher accolades.”

Chong Wei feels that Zhi Jia is fortunate as the public , media and BAM has not put undue pressure on him and support him despite his mediocre performances.

“ They all understand that Zhi Jia needs to build up his confidence and this is something he has to do within himself” contends Chong Wei.

“ His on court antics too need to be refined as he must display game man ship when facing opponents be it lower or higher ranked then him,

“ I will pass on my observations to Hendrawan and discuss how best to prepare him towards making it to the Tokyo Olympics.

“ Put this Bangkok outing behind and let’s all help him look forward.

“ He has the potential but really it’s his choice to make for the fly if the limit for him,”