BAM, an exercise in futility in defending against facts

Reading the papers this morning, one can be utterly dismayed at the manner in which the Badminton Association of Malaysia reacted to an open letter by former NSC Director General Dato Seri Zolkples Embong.

All Zol , as he is normally addressed as, was merely stating the obvious.

Never did he in any way question the ability and performance of the players.

What he did say was a fact – that had Indonesia and Thailand entered their top players, Malaysia would have found it tough to win the three gold medals.

Hiding facts had always been the case as so far as Badminton is concerned.

For example, why did anyone not report a day before the women’s badminton final that our player held a 5-1 winning record against her opponent and therefore was favourite to win?

There is no doubt, and even Zol will agree, that our players are talented, have the desire and ability to perform.

However the reality we have somewhat slipped behind other nations, and we need to admit that fact rather then being trapped in an illusion that all is well just because we won 3 gold medals at the SEA Games.

And for those who may not even know Badminton when Zol was the BAM Secretary, he was good at his job.

It was no mean feat serving as the NSC Director of Management and at time same time serving BAM.

And it was a task that was thrusted to him,something he did as a service to the nation, over and above his full time job.

Instead of thanking Zol for his volunteerism to serve BAM then, those who are paid mega bucks today opted to issue a faceless statement, and we wonder why those who feel they are speaking truths hide behind masks!

I have my differences with Zol and for those who might not know, we stopped communicating with each other since 2013.

But putting that aside, this article is more to vent displeasure at BAM as making such a specific statement is tantamount to bullying as the open letter, if read and understood correctly, was merely highlighting our inability to set higher standards.

So BAM, go prove Zol wrong on the court, get a full complement of 10 players to qualify on merit to Tokyo Olympics as was the case in Rio.

Anything less means you have failed, so kindly spend more time looking at performances then a futile PR exercise to win public faith.

We are a nation that strives on results, anything less is deemed a failure.