BAM needs to stop changing directions

Sorry BAM, but you are missing the point.

The Badminton Association of Malaysia may have shot themselves in the foot.

By announcing the appointment of Misbun Sidek as Director of Youth, BAM is actually just buying time.

The knives are out for BAM, with the Tokyo Olympics set to be the yardstick to determine the success or failure story of the current leadership.

Constant change of policies is not helping matters and the state of confusion reigns supreme in the national body.

As one coach put it simply , we are no longer allowed to think but even our thinking is being done for us.

And by this it means they are even dictated in their coaching methods, let alone training programs.

Ok never mind, as these days administrators who are paid mega bucks, never played the sport at higher levels, think they are the best in the sport and hence have the ability to determine and chart the progress of the sport.

Badminton needs no magic, it needs to Houdini act, it needs no play acting.

All Badminton is yearning for is fair play, justice and recognition.

This sport has the potential to succeed, but it should be put on track, not with so many branches out there that no one knows what direction to take.

States are crucial in any sport, and let us make that clear.

In this federal/state system, there is a clear demarcation of duties, responsibilities.

So if BAM is bent on making Badminton great again, go back to the basics please.

Every stats ought to have their own leagues, be it clubs, agencies, institutions and schools.

BAM should initiate a state wide league, where every state needs to run the tournament within a certain period of the year.

What has happened to the Air Asia League that BAM launched two years ago at a leading hotel in PJ?

That has virtually died off and this is the problem of BAM, no sustainability in anything they undertake.

There was also this Purple Junior and Senior Leagues which also have seemed to be systematically “ killed” by the powers that be.

BAM is staffed by highly paid officials, some of whom are recycled,

But they keep repeating the mistakes they did years ago, and at a second bite at the cherry, they repeat it yet again.

It goes on to show that some just cannot change their ways and should be sent back to look after their grandchildren rather then continue to destroy the sport.

Badminton is an easy sport to manage, a sport that can be developed if we put aside egos and self pride.

Open up the system, embrace the club system, get states to start cracking the ship, stop the mentality of bringing players to train under one roof,

All this training together, by putting players in the sports school has yielded no results as evident in the 20 odd years with limited success.

Players win an occasional world junior title and BAN does chest thumping

After that these sane players fail to deliver at the world stage.


Simply because these players development and progress is not chartered by coaches but by Administrators who control where they ought to play.

There is no charting a players progress, it’s all done haphazardly, and constant changes do not help matters.

BAM can get a player into the world number 1 spot, no one denies that.

But having a consistent number 1 is a problem BAM needs to overcome.

And daily changes to policies will not help matters.