It was a “shoot out” that actually decided the outcome of the presidential race for the Badminton Association of Malaysia.
The council meeting had just started deliberating on the potential fight for the post between current Acting President Tan Sri Al Amin and his deputy Dato Mohd Norza Zakaria.

As both of them gave details of the so called ” gentlemen” agreement, suddenly members of the council were seen scurrying for the rest rooms.

Journalists waiting at the corridors were taken aback as a majority of the council members including the duo went to the rest rooms.

For a moment it looked like the dispute was being settled the traditional way, like when kids used to challenge each other and the disputes settled with a contest to see who could pee the furthest.

But putting aside the funny aspect, the council members then moved on quickly to discuss the issues regarding the Presidency.

The general consensus was that BAM should keep its proud tradition of averting any contest for the top post and pot aside personal differences for the sake of the sport.
They were concerned if a potential division within the ranks and thus they wanted to avoid at all cost.

Thus they made a decision, that Norza will assume the position, but refused to announced it at the post council meeting press conference.

” We will discuss the next step over the next one week and will then tell the media on what was the resolution towards solving this impasse,” was all Al Amin revealed.

And Norza was equally evasive by adding that both shared a cordial relationship and would talk things over.

” Yes we will sit down and discuss this and really there is nothing more to elaborate,” added Norza.

However checks with some council members revealed that there was some heated exchanges when the presidency was discussed.

As a matter of fact one delegate even wanted to pass a resolution that Tengku Tan Sri Mahaleel the President who is on leave be given the responsibility of chairing the AGM, which was set for April 29 at Subang Jaya.

But as some senior council members started talking, there was a sense of calmness and a consensus was then reached to ensure tradition prevailed.

And barring any third candidate, Norza is expected to head BAM come April 29.

As Al Amin had wished, the council decided accordingly and in the end BAM showed maturity that it could handle matters through proper discussions and deliberation.

And when they got together for a photo shoot, there were smiles all around, missing was the tension seen on their faces as they headed for the rat room.

While some relived themselves, Badminton was relived that unity was intact and consensus ruled the day.