BAM – The Battles Continue 

While the President’s position for the Badminton Association of Malaysia has virtually being decided, the focus now has shifted to the Hon. Secretary and Deputy Presidents position.
BAM has two openings for Deputy President and there is keen interest from at least 4 candidates for the two posts.

Amongst those being touted are Sarawak BA President Tan Sri Aziz, Selangor BA President Dato V Subramaniam ( better known as Bharat Maniam ) Kedah BA former president Dato Lim and Negri Sembilan BA President David Wee.

While Dato Lim has also served as Hon Treasurer in the past, it is believed that he would rather concentrate on his BWF position he is vying for.

That leaves Dato Bharar Maniam, Tan Sri Aziz and David as the three likely candidates.

It is believed that President elect Norza has not stated his preference for any candidate and hence there could well be a contest on Saturday for the three positions.

Sources within the fraternity reveal that Tan Sri Aziz is a certainty as he has strong support all across the board amongst the affiliates.

Which then will see a direct contest between David and Dato Maniam.

Both of them are capable in their own way, but David gas the edge as being an elder statesman, David is seen as a fatherly figure amongst the officials for his calm approach in handling crisis.

Having being the chairman of the development committee of BAM, David is well aware of the shortcomings in the sport and could play a vital role in riding shotgun with Norza.

As for the Hon. Secretary, the appointment is the sole prerogative of the President, in this case Norza.

There is one other candidate that sources reveal has been lobbying for the position and it could end up to be a proxy war as well.

The current Hon Secretary is Dato Ng Chin Chai and being an ex player has helped him in administrating the sport.

Although not being able to commit his full focus on BAM, the lawyer has one advantage over others – he is passionate and a true President’s man.

Norza will surely not want to rock the boat and should retain Chin Chai in his position at least for another term for continuity but Norza is quite capable of pulling the rug beneath the feet of anyone.

So big decisions ahead this week for BAM.

Thought the fun was over when the Presidency was settled out of court, well think of this soap opera moving into the dead rubber.