BAM -Time to be accountable Chin Chai.

The failure of Badminton to deliver a medal at theAsian Games seems to be the flavour of the day as far as the mainstream media is concerned,

Never mind the fact that tons of other sports failed to deliver medals, it is Badminton that all are concerned about and one cannot fault them as the expectations have been high given the fact that we are supposedly a force to be reckoned with in the international arena.

For starters though one needs to take a deeper look at the situation as a whole rather then just the blame game, which unfortunately is being laid square on the shoulders of the BAM President Dato Seri Mohamad Norza Zakaria.

But is it a fact that Norza relinquished his position in the all powerful Coaching and Training Committee after the Commonwealth Games?

Hence is it proper to blame him just because he is what many claim to be a “ hands on president.”

There has to be accountability for this failure as well as for the recent Thomas and Uber Cups,

And the person who should shoulder the blame and be accountable is none other than the Secretary of BAM cum the Chairman of the Coaching and Training Committee , Dato Ng Chin Chai.

He was given a free hand to re-shane the Committee, the coaching set-up as well as the selection of players for the various meets.

Agreed we did not have our regular gold “ miner” Dato Lee Chong Wei in Jakarta, and everyone knows that winning hold has always been on the broad shoulders of Chong Wei.

So why is it that we failed in two consecutive multi sports events?

Are the C&T capable of doing a SWOT analysis on the players and coaches in the national squads?

Are there correct personalities sitting as members of the Committee?

Is it not time for us to seek foreign expertise if we do not have any local to act as Technical Director?

Are we doing the correct thing in the selection of players for international meets ?

Are the best being selected to represent the country, not just those who train under the BAM banner?

Chin Chai is a good administrator, there is no doubt in that. But is he capable of assuming this demanding role where KPI and accountability is vital for anyone who assumes as the Chairman.

It is time that Chin Chai realises that maybe he is not best equipped to handle this role, where decisions have to be decisive, make hard decisions, non compromise approach and above all calling a spade a spade.

BAM needs to work on improving this aspect for the success of a national body is often looked upon by the successes achieved internationally,

Norza did the right thing, by stepping aside and assuming responsibility, perhaps Chin Chai can follow suit and vacate the Chairmanship of C&T and focus on administration.