BAM to announce CEO for Academy on Tuesday

The Badminton Association of Malaysia is set to announce the supremo that will take charge of the Akademi Badminton Malaysia.

The announcement of the candidate, said to be from USA, is expected to instill a professional outlook in managing the ABM.

BAM is scheduled to hold its management committee meeting on Tuesday morning where the name of the incoming Chief Executive Officer is expected to be revealed at the press conference after the meeting.

It is learnt that the

National Sports Council, who are expected to pick up part if not all of the incoming CEO salary, have consented to the candidate.

In order to maintain my word not yo reveal the name of the candidate, I shall let BAM make the announcement out of mutual respect.

Unlike other sports associations where the whole world knows something before it’s official, the request by BAM is well within their right.

If only others could show such professionalism instead of sending Clerks or usurping the right to vote of others , all in the name of greed and power, sports will be a better place.

Ethics of journalism was lost a long time ago and of late the characters of two or three individuals have tarnished the profession,

So let’s wait for BAM to make the announcement lah.