BAM: Wake Up before it’s too late, if not already

It is only natural that when national sports associations get criticised, they go on the defensive.

Rather then accepting views of others, they justify their actions ( or rather ineffectiveness) with flowery press statements that in actual sense are merely nothing if carefully examined.

Just look at the reaction of the Badminton Association of Malaysia with regards to the various criticisms it has received over the past week, culminating with a sharp rebuke from former international Dato Jack Koh.

BAM ought to look at the situation objectively – that our Badminton is on the decline.

And all it’s programs are merely rehashes of the failed or doomed programs with different names but same objective – that is to better the standard of our players.

The sooner BAN realises that their development system is flawed, the better the fortunes of our players internationally.

For starters – the entire program, right from selection of players, to the training of players at the Bukit Jalil Sports School needs a complete overhaul,

It’s a tried and tested system that had produced failures.

The level of incompetence of players who go through what is supposedly a systematic training program, where they eat, sleep and play Badminton is no longer an effective model.

Send them back to their natural habitat – that is the schools and states that they cane from.

Let them go through the mill to want to become a badminton player that yearns for success, not some subsidised players that is looked after with kids gloves for years before realising that all this while BAM have been nurturing donkeys into race horses.

Every state needs to have its own academy, period.

Let the states start doing some work as all they do is turn up for council meetings as merely yes men that agree to everything as Long as trips personally are accused for some,

Then there is an issue of transparency in the selection.

So not look at this into a racial issue, but more objectively.

Are only Chinese good Badminton players?

Why is it that other races never make the grade?

Is this another case of football which was revealed in the FIFA Futro Seminar in 2005 when a high ranking official said that only Malay boys were being selected as it was easier when it came to food and training tones as it would confirm with religious beliefs?

So is this the case? Let us reveal figures ever since 1996 when the Bukit Jalil Sports School came into existence that what are the figures of Chinese as opposed to other races.

There is a dire need to break away from the state based structure currently in badminton and move towards club based structure.

But those sitting in BAN will never allow this to happen as states are their vote bank. And clubs cannot be influenced as they are governed by directors like a company.

BAM is a failed state and it all boils down to one thing – it lacks the direction and just recycles ideas and individuals.

Just look at the clamour of individuals who are now offering their services to BAN.

Hello there, you were given an opportunity and you have failed in the past, so why on earth do you think you are the messiah of Malaysian Badminton?

Perhaps it’s not passion or love for the sport that drives many to jump on the bandwagon for the current BAN leadership thinks that paying mega bucks solves problems.

The sooner they realise that money does not solve problems but creates more issues, the better out fortunes.

Revamping the structure by just adopting a failed system is a school boys task that does not deserve a RN50k a month pay package.

BAM must get rid of autocratic management system and should start engaging into more open forums to get to the root of the issue.

A national symposium in the direction of badminton is needed to stop the rot, and it must never be spearheaded by BAM.

Trust NSC. ISN , OCM or KBS with this?

They are directional less and are lost in their own world.

Perhaps a forum on where sports in this country is headed under the PH government is a better option.

Any takers?