Be accountable for the missing 7k senior NS official

An update is necessary on the issue of short changing the children of the NS Hockey player the Jaspal Singh aka Paley.

There seemed to be some confusion as to who was withholding the remaining 10k of which 7k was missing from the account.

Firstly it must be noted here that the two brothers are not at fault in any way. They were the prime movers of the fund to be sent up and raised the amount of 25k as education fund.

It was two others, one being a principle office bearer and still is, that were entrusted with the money.

And 7k is unaccounted for and these two must account fir it, simple.

Next question, why was the money not placed in a fixed deposit?

Had it been placed in a fixed deposit another 9k would have been added over the years making it a total of 34k making the sum even more significant to help the poor kinds.

This lackadaisical attitude must not be tolerated and the said NSHA official should vacate his position as he should bear responsibility of failing to look into the welfare of a player.

It’s an irresponsible act.

Furthermore other then making the call to one of the brothers, nothing has been done to produce any documentation to prove that the money was used for a hockey related event and with whose permission.

At the very least accountability issues should be addressed and the 7k retired so that the balance could be handed to the family.

This sordid episode shows one clear lesson , that while the dead can still be robbed, it shows to some will stoop to the lowest to enrich themselves.

Even god will not forgive such a character let alone the NS hockey fraternity.

Time to up the ante and make those who hog positions as if it’s their family heirloom leave.

After all you have taken NS hockey to lower depths and because some blind support from people who are also morally corrupt, it does not make you righteousness

Do the right thing, return the money, then leave hockey.