Bias Selection for Ju Jitsu? What will OCM do now!

Are the best exponents sekected to represent the Ju Jitsu squad for the Manila SEA Games, assuming OCM gives them the nod to go to Manila when hearing appeals tomorrow.?

This comes up after this website was alerted to the manner in which “ closed trials” were conducted, leaving out several talented and deserving Athletes.

So the OCM Selection Panel will need to go in depth before allowing the team of 11 or for that matter any exponent selected through the “ trials” which is said to be open to a select few.

This is the information received that opens the Pandora Box and questions the entire process of selection.

“ My issue is with the way the non official jiu jitsu association of malaysia (JJAM) conducted their nationals trials. They have yet to be approved by KBS, which means they should not be able to conduct national trials in the first place. However, the trials were closed, invitation only trials and were announce on August 2nd and were carried out on August 11. As a result several international athletes could not return to malaysia to take part. Keeping it closed and hand picking athletes also means many teams and gyms were excluded from what soon have been fair and open trials. What baffles me is OCM’s decision to accept the short list of athletes and now they are giving jiu jitsu a chance to plea their case to head to sea games. JJAM isn’t official, the athletes selected were done so in a non professional manner, exclusion of several athletes and teams took place and OCM is willing to overlook all of this because one of the selected athletes father is a personal friend of an OCM official. When will favouritsm and nepotism within OCM stop?

“ The athletes selected were also given a 3kg weight limit due to short time notice, however some who won on the day were more than 9kg over the weight limit. Another unfair advantage that should not have happened. Having closed trials also meant an athlete got her spot on the team without having to fight anyone, and the others only had 1 opponent to beat. Out of the 11 athletes short listed only 5 currently hold international rankings, and only 1 athlete has a ranking below 100.

“ Malaysian team is currently made up of blue and purple belts and they will fight Brown and black belts in manila, they have no chance at winning due to the difference in skill level, lack of preparation and also most of these athletes have not been actively competing.”

So these are clear allegations that ought to put doubts into the selection panel and frankly we have no intention of preventing any deserving athlete to go to Manila.

But rules have to be followed and the OCM Selection Panel needs to further investigate this issue first.